Where to watch Blood of Zeus Season 2?

Where to watch BLOOD OF ZEUS 2?

What is Blood of Zeus Season 2?

Blood of Zeus is a Netflix original series made in an increasingly popular adult-targeted animation style. It is treated as a “lost chapter” of Greek mythology, with references to many well-known figures and the introduction of new characters.

This show results from Netflix’s newfound interest in this type of graphic animation, with another example being the vampire drama Castlevania.

Blood of Zeus follows Heron, a mortal son of Zeus from one of his many conquests, as he learns about his heritage and discovers his strength and power.

He is tasked with an impossible quest: to save Earth and Olympus from Hera’s forces that she sent as revenge against her husband, Zeus.

Blood of Zeus Season 2?

Blood of Zeus premiered its first season in October 2020 on Netflix. Despite its positive reception, the confirmation of a second season for the animated series wasn’t given till early 2022.

While no release date has been yet, given the average production time of an animated movie or show, the following season should be out in another year.

Who’s coming back in Blood of Zeus Season 2?

As far as we know, most characters from season 1 of Blood of Zeus will return.

These include Derek Phillips as Heron, Jessica Henwick as Alexia, Elias Toufexis as Seraphim, Adam Croasdell as Apollo, and Matthew Mercer as Hermes. However, no new cast members have been announced so far.

What we know so far about Blood of Zeus Season 2:

Season 1 of Blood of Zeus ended with Zeus (Jason O’Mara) sacrificing his life to protect his wife. However, Hera (Claudia Christian) was grievously injured but managed to escape at the last moment, and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Of course, resurrection is not a far-fetched theory set in a world of gods, magic, and other impossible feats. Another theory is that Hades (Fred Tatasciore), who made a brief appearance in season 1, might be the main antagonist of season 2.

According to the creators of the show, the Parlapanide brothers, while season 1 of Blood of Olympus was mainly the story of Heron and Seraphim, season 2 will focus more on Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, going back to the time when the three brothers divided up the three realms amongst themselves.

Frequently asked questions Blood of Zeus Season 2:

When will the Blood of Zeus Season 2 air?

So far, no air date has been given. However, there are chances of it airing next year.

Where can I watch Blood of Zeus Season 2?

As this is a Netflix original series, season 1 is currently streaming on this platform. Season 2, once released, will also be available to stream on Netflix.

Who is returning from the original cast for the Blood of Zeus Season 2?

As far as we know, most of the cast members from season 1 of Blood of Zeus will return for season 2.

Blood of Zeus Season 2 Release Update on 21/03/2023

There is no official news regarding Blood of Zeus Season 2 for now. The series makers have not yet renewed the Blood of Zeus for a second season. For fans interested to know more about Blood of Zeus Season 2, keep in touch with us to get all the latest news and notifications. We will be share more details as soon as the makers share the official notification.