What happened to season 3 of KAKEGURUI?

What happened to season 3 of KAKEGURUI?

It’s been three years since the second season of the manga-adapted anime series, Kakegurui, was aired. And till now, fans still live in the hopes that ‘maybe a third season might be around the corner..!’

Japanese television’s yet another gift to the world- Kakegurui, is a psychological thriller revolving around gambling. 

As mentioned earlier, the anime is adapted from the manga named Kakegurui- Compulsive Gambler, written by Homura Kawamoto.

Kalegurui, directed by Yuichiro Hayashi under the MAPPA Studio, aired the first season of Kakegurui in July 2017 and then released the second season named Kakegurui ××, two years later in January 2019.

It was available to the audiences on platforms like Tokyo MX, MBS, etc. Netflix, too, started streaming Kakegurui in 2018.

Will season 3 of Kakegurui ever be released?

If we go by the same releasing periods, its third season was meant to be out in 2021, but it didn’t. Sadly, there is no confirmation from any officials whether a third season will be released or not. And if it is in the making, then when.

What was Kakegurui all about?

The series Kakegurui revolves around the gambling connoisseur, Yumeko Jabami. 

Yumeko Jabami was a mysterious student at Hyakkaou Private Academy and had a genuine love for gambling. The series shows how she always moved against this school’s structure, took risks in gambling, never cared about winning or losing, and was smart enough to catch a cheating opponent.

Kakegurui sheds light on many gambling truths and tricks and Yumeko’s extraordinary capability in this field.

And it is because of Yumeko’s talents that fans are hoping to have a third season of Kakegurui! Sadly, even though fans are dying to have a third season, the officials haven’t let a word out for the same.