The Vampire Diaries: Multiple Cast Members Giving Shocking Statements Regarding Their Time with the Series

The Vampire Diaries: Multiple Cast Members Giving Shocking Statements Regarding Their Time with the Series

The Vampire Diaries, popularly known as TVD, is one of the most famous supernatural drama series and still holds a firm grip over fans. Millions of fans have been in love with many fictional characters from the series. As a result, fans have genuinely supported the leading cast members for playing their favorite roles in the series. 

The leading actors do not feel the same despite being such a popular series for over a decade. On the contrary, when asked in recent separate interviews, many cast members denied working on any “Vampire” project. Let’s look closer and learn more about why these cast members feel such a way. 

Nina Dobrev: Played Elena Gilbert in TVD

In a recent interview, Nina said she received much fame after playing a leading role and other iconic roles of “Doppelgangers” in the popular show The Vampire Diaries. Her role as Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce has left quite an impression on fans and critics. 

She also said that when she saw thousands of fans waiting for the cast of TVD at the Comic-Con – it was certainly unexpected and an incredible experience. Also, she revealed that, even though she was popular before The Vampire Diaries, after playing Elena Gilbert’s role, her fame reached to next level.

As a result, she would always bump into fans no matter where she went. She exited the series by the time when series was around Season 6. When the actress was asked about playing her role or a similar one in one of the spin-off series – she didn’t deny it all at once. 

Paul Wesley: Played Stefan Salvatore in TVD

Handsome actor Paul played one of the series’s leading roles and starred against Nina Dobrev. The series ran from the year 2009 to 2017. 

Recently, Paul was in an interview where he was asked if he would be interested in playing any role similar to his role of Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. His words were “hard pass to any and all TVD reboots.” That was quite shocking, even for fans. It is because the series has been top-rated. 

There are so many platforms where TVD is available to watch online, and it keeps trending in the most popular category every now and then. It is still unclear why the actor had such a harsh reply for his role in a successful series.