The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Renewal, Release Date, Cast and Everything You need to know

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Renewal, Release Date, Cast, and Everything You need to know:

WARNING: The Lincoln Lawyer Spoilers Ahead.

Have you already seen this latest addictive crime drama? If not, watch it right away. So many viewers have been praising the series about so many things and now, there might be a possible season 2 for the same.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Renewal

Whenever any latest series gets such an amazing response from fans, it most probably gets the next season from the makers. There will be an announcement from Netflix, hopefully soon.

There have been no announcements related to this series for now, but it is highly expected that there will be. Firstly, everyone is loving this series because of this different kind of lawyer story. Secondly, the representation of the leading character is just amazing.

Based on Books

Moreover, the series is based on a collection of books written by Michael Connelly. But we are not so sure, if the series gets renewal then what would be its base for the storyline. But we will get to know soon.

There is a total of 6 books in this series and each of the books is interconnected with each other. Not just that, each book has its own development of characters and the story itself.

Netflix’s Official Announcement

Generally, before making any official announcement or confirming anything for sure, Netflix waits for at least 25-28 days. After analyzing so many factors related to the series and the cast and how fans liked the show, then they will be making any decisions.

Also after making any decision official, they will be sharing important details through their various social media accounts. So that fans can get to know more details regarding their favorite series and their favorite characters.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Cast

If and when the series returns for the second season, the main character of Lawer – Mickey Haller will be played by Manual Garcia-Rulfo. This is because the main effect of the series is because of the leading characters. And here we have him as “The Lawyer who operates out of his Lincoln.”

Along with him, there will be Jazz Raycole playing Izzy Letts. She happens to be his right-hand person/ Lincoln Car Driver. His first wife Maggie McPherson as well as his second wife Lorna, who is also his associated investigator will surely be there.