Star of the Movie Barbie: Margot Robbie was in a TV Series with Christina Ricci

Star of the Movie Barbie: Margot Robbie was in a TV Series with Christina Ricci

Since the limelight is on the famous showdown of the year: Barbie and Oppenheimer: Barbenheimer –  everyone is talking about the stars in these films. Margot Robbie, who plays the lead role of Barbie in the movie, has been quite the center of attraction from across the globe. 

As everyone talks about the movie and the lead actresses, there have been some new revelations regarding her previous works. Few fans know this, but Margot Robbie and Christina Ricci were in a television series. It is called Pan Am, and it ran from September 2011 to February 2012. 

Pan Am: Series

It is an American period drama series with Margot Robbie and Christina Robbie as the cast members. The series was written and created by the writer Jack Orman. Fans might know Christina Ricci from the popular series Yellowjackets, which recently won many Emmy nominations. 

The television series Pan Am was based on Pan Am World Airways, and both actresses played airline stewardesses roles. The series was about the airline staff members and their day-to-day lives associated with various conflicts. Episodes were popular but were not renewed for further seasons due to post-production issues. There were talks with another network to renew the show, but it didn’t go. 

From Pan Am to Harley Quinn

Even though this series didn’t leave any long-lasting impression on the actresses, she still got success waiting for her through her other roles. Her most prominent roles include Harley Quinn – an iconic role that has left an unforgettable impression. 

Apart from that, her most prominent and most awaited role in the current movie Barbie has earned her global recognition. Even though the movie has just been released, it is reported that it has received a great response from the audience. There are so many fans who have been waiting for the release of Barbie. 

Barbie, because of releasing with another big-budget film, Oppenheimer – has been said to have a showdown between the two. Still, there have been no reports of the clash as fans have gone to watch both of these movies. Their only dilemma was which movie to watch first! 

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