Renée Rapp from The Sex Lives of College Girls Leaving the Show after Season 3

Renée Rapp from The Sex Lives of College Girls Leaving the Show after Season 3

The popular teen comedy-drama The Sex Lives of College Girls faces some changes as one of the lead roles will not be the same. There are so many fans who have been waiting for the upcoming Season 3 of the show. Renée Rapp, who plays the fan-favorite role of Leighton Murray, will leave the show, and fans are not happy about it. 

Informed Fans via Instagram: Renée Rapp

In an Instagram post, she shared the sad news of her leaving the show Sex Lives of College Girls after season 3. Also, she won’t be a series regular in the upcoming Sex Lives of College Girls Season 3. Instead, she will only appear in a recurring role for a few episodes. She thanked fans for being there for her and supporting her for the role she has been playing until now. 

Amongst the lead roles, she plays a fan-favorite role who is a gay girl but has not come out to her family, especially her parents. Only her friends and now classmates know about her secret. Being a teen and a comedy-drama, the show was picked up by fans from various countries who appreciated the storyline with many funny, enjoyable dialogues. 

She also shared a few things about how she has grown as a person while playing the role of Leighton, who owns up to her queer identity. Renée also opened up about how the role has transformed her personally by playing this role. 

The Real Reason Behind Leaving the Show

Along with being an actress, she also happens to be a singer. There are many musicals and other similar appearances where she has been focusing on the Music part of her career. She is currently shooting for Mean Girls: The Musical, where she plays the role of Regina George. To focus more only on her musical career, she is leaving the HBO series. 

The Series: Sex Lives of College Girls

The show is all about four roommates who meet through their life’s new phase at Essex College. Actresses play leading characters: Renée Rapp, Pauline Chalamet, Alyah Chanelle Scott, and Amrit Kaur. The series is HBO Max original and is also available on Amazon Prime with a subscription.

The show has got various elements in it which makes it enjoyable. Fans expect an upcoming season, i.e., Sex Lives of College Girls Season 3. There is no release date available for the upcoming season.