Netflix K-Drama Somebody Release Date, Storyline, Cast Member, and Everything You Need To Know

Netflix K-Drama Somebody Release Date, Storyline, Cast Member, and Everything You Need To Know

Netflix just released another K-drama, and K-pop fans can’t keep calm! The upcoming K-drama Somebody is a psychological thriller. It stars some of the famous K-pop stars along with a few newcomers.

Let’s get into it and get all the details regarding Somebody’s release date and more. 


Somebody Release Date:

Somebody is going to be released on 18th November 2022 on Friday. There are just a few days left since the release of the series. Whenever a K-drama is going to be released on Netflix, there are large numbers of fans who are waiting for such dramas. 

With just a few days left until the release of the series, we are getting all the new details related to the series. The show’s leading cast members are also quite excited about the series. Now, we will get Somebody released soon, and then we can enjoy the series with all the episodes. 


Somebody Storyline Overview:

The story of the series revolves around a developer who recently created a dating app. She has been waiting to make a connection with someone because she is quite introvert. Later on, she along with her friends gets into trouble and is somehow involved in a murder.

They had no idea about any of such things happening. But they got sucked into this dangerous situation and now they all are in trouble. The app that was developed was called “Somebody” hence the title of the series. 

Everything is ultimately related to the dating app that she developed. Then there’s crime and other dangerous situations which are not safe at all. And, because of the app, there is someone, a man who happens to be looking over everything that she has been doing. Then starts the story of the series.


When such events start to unfold, there Som, who developed the app starts to investigate what exactly happened. To help her, there is her friend who also happens to be a detective. That will be Ki Eun and one more of her friends, Mok Won will also be assisting them. 

It is going to be quite interesting as well as thrilling to see all these situations unfolding in the series. Also when Netflix is involved in any of such K-dramas, they are most probably quite popular. 

Somebody List of Cast Members:

Kang Hae Lim

This will be Kang Hae’s debut with Netflix and she is playing one of the leading roles in the series. She, as well as Som, are the main characters of Somebody. She earlier worked in a series Live On and played the role of Park Hye-Rim.


She also worked in a series Govengers and gained much popularity. Even after playing just a few roles, she has earned more popularity as well as fans. 

Kim Young Kwang 

Kim Young Kwang has earlier worked with Netflix and this will be his second project with the platform. He earlier worked in Hello, Me! Which was a romantic comedy series. He played the role of Sung Yon Oh which was quite the fan favorite. 


He has worked in many films including Runway Cop, Hot Young Bloods, The Soul-Mate, On Your Wedding Day, and many more. His works in television series include Sweet Stranger and Me, D-Day, Pinocchio, The Guardians, and recent The Secret Life of My Secretary. 

His roles in the web series Gogh, The Starry Night, Sweet Stranger, and Me have gained him global popularity, and have numbers of fans from across the world. 

Kim Yong Ji

She will be playing the role of Mok Won. This will be her third project with Netflix after Mr. Sunshine and The King: Eternal Monarch. She played a supporting role in The King and then got the leading role.


She has also appeared in various music videos such as I Got the Blues, Toy, Oasis, and many more. Her debut was with Mr. Sunshine. Her other works include Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938, Rustle, Doom Doom, Running Man, and more. 

Kim Soo Yeon

Kim Soo will be playing the role of Ki Eun in the series Somebody. This will be her debut role in the series for her web series career. She has worked in some television dramas such as Dinosaur Teacher, Drama Game, You Can’t Stop Mom, 05, Reporting for Duty, I Love You I Love You, Ad Madness, All About Eve, Mom and Sister, Autumn Shower, Iris and many more. 


Some of the music videos in which she has worked are Why Is the Sky, Endless Sorrow, Classic, Fluttering, Diary of a Day, and more. So many of her music videos have gained more popularity and have lots of fans from many countries. 

Somebody Season 1 Latest Updates (2023):

So, finally, guys, a very long-awaited series is out only on its official streaming platform, Netflix. Jung Ji-Woo, the writer, and another member Han Ji-Wan create it. Initially, the Somebody plot was taken from a known American thriller series named American Psycho.

The series’ plot is outstanding, and the cast members’ performance was fantastic. Therefore, the series earns a 6 out of 10 IMDb rating after season 1. And now, everyone eagerly awaits all the updates about season 2, which has yet to be officially announced. 

But, based on the fan’s demand, it might be possible that the makers will announce the happening news for its season 2 within a very short time. Also, we are still looking forward to collecting all the latest updates about the series season 2s, which has yet to be decided, so stay connected with our website, as we will surely share all the single updates about the series.

Where to Watch K-Drama Somebody?

The upcoming thriller series Somebody is a Netflix official series. Hence it will be released on its official streaming partner Netflix. Fans from various countries can stream Somebody on Netflix on the release day i.e. 18th November 2022. 

Netflix K-Drama Somebody is going to be released within just a few weeks. Then fans can stream the upcoming K-drama on Netflix. For fans who have been waiting to enjoy the new series, the wait is finally over. Especially, for those who are K-drama fans, this will be their time now when the series will be coming. 

Somebody Trailer Release:

The makers of the series have just released the Somebody trailer. Fans can watch the upcoming thriller series’ trailer. Talking about the trailer, it contains so many suspenseful scenes that will leave you wondering about the storyline.

Also, whenever we go on getting the latest thriller series trailer, it is quite exciting. Because of the cast members and the storyline.

Fans love to watch their favorite actors playing different types of characters. And that feels amazing due to their new roles and their appearances. 

With the latest trailer released for the upcoming series Somebody, fans can enjoy the trailer and know more about the storyline of the series.