Netflix K-Drama Queen of the Scene Release Date, Cast Members, Trailer, Storyline – Everything You Need to Know

Netflix K-Drama Queen of the Scene Release Date, Cast Members, Trailer, Storyline – Everything You Need to Know

One more K-drama is going to be added to the Netflix library and it is going to be Queen of the Scene. It will be released soon and for that, fans have been waiting for such a long time.

So now, the series is finally going to be released, let’s get to know more about the upcoming K-drama. 

Queen of the Scene Release Date

For now, the makers of the show have not yet declared an official release date. But Queen of the Scene is expected to release in early 2023. There are so many K-drama fans who have been waiting for the release of the series, they have to wait a bit until the series is released. 

The official release date for the series will be released soon along with some other important details. Viewers who have been waiting eagerly for the release of the series should be in touch with the official social media handles. They will be able to get all the notifications and news from the official source. 

Queen of the Scene Trailer Release

We do not have an official trailer released from the team of Queen of the Scene. The trailer will be released soon followed by the official teaser. After the trailer is released, we can surely get to know more about the entire storyline. Everyone can be sure about the cast and the crew members of the show from the trailer itself.

Also, the trailer depicts essential scenes that are quite exciting. Keep in touch with the official Twitter and youtube of the series and get all the latest notifications related to the Queen of the Scene trailer release. 

Queen of the Scene Storyline

The story of the series revolves around a drama writer. She happens to be one of the popular writers who have been writing many stories. The plot of the series starts when she is trying to make herself famous through one totally twisted story.

It has quite the surprises in it and then, she is trapped in one of her own stories. She keeps on trying to escape but all her attempts fail. It will be fascinating to see if she is able to get out of the story or not. And even if she can, how she escape? 

Queen of the Scene Cast Members

As of now, only a few of the cast members have been revealed. We do not have information regarding the entire cast and crew of the series. Soon, the makers of the show are going to release more details. For now, let’s focus on the cast members whose names have been revealed. 

  • Gong Hyo Jin as Kim Ma Ri
  • Park Ha Sun as Oh Soon Shim

Leading Cast Members of the Show

Gong Hyo Jin

The Queen of Scene will be her second Netflix original series. She has worked on previous Netflix projects such as When the Camellia Blossoms. Her other popular series are Thank You, Pasta, The Greatest Love, Master’s Sub, The Producers, It’s Okay, That’s Love, Don’t Dare to Dream, and more. She even has worked on many singles such as Bed’s End, I Think I Love You, Spoiler, Ordinary Brave, and more. 

Park Ha-Sun

She will be playing the role of Oh Soon Shim. Queen of the Scene will be her Netflix Debut project. Prior to this, she worked on many K-dramas and is one of the leading actors in the South Korean industry. Her popular films include APT, BABO, I Came from Busn, The Last Blossom, Champ, Tone-dead Clinic, Confession, First Child, and more. 

Television series in which she has worked are Love Needs a Miracle, Just Run!, Formidable Rivals, Romance Zero, The Accidental Couple, Two Weeks, Three Days, The Veil, and more. 

Where to Watch Queen of the Scene?

Fans can enjoy the upcoming K-drama Queen of the Scene on Netflix after its release. There is no official date released from the makers, but will be released soon. Keep in touch to get all the latest news and notifications regarding Queen of the Scene. 

Expected Release Date of Queen of the Scene?

The expected release date of the series is in Fall. Because the series is currently in the pre-production stage. So first there will be a filming schedule and then after filming has been completed, it will undergo various post-production stages. There are many processes associated with post-production. 

After all these processes are completed, they will be releasing the schedule on which the series will be released. Before that, we will also get an official trailer and all the cast members’ details. So then with all these details, fans will be very happy and aware of the upcoming schedule of the series and its release. 

When will the Queen of the Scene be available on Netflix?

Right after the release of the series, Netflix will show the series along with all the episodes on the official Netflix platform. Subscribers can then start watching their favorite K-drama and binge-watch such an amazing series. 

As soon as we get details including the release date schedule, fans can set their reminders to watch the series. Along with that, they will also get episode wise release schedule. But mostly, Netflix goes on releasing all the episodes altogether. 

Makers of the Show

The series is going to be directed by Lee Won Suk. The screenwriter of Queen of the Scene will be Kim Soo Ah. Both of them have worked on many projects and delivered amazing results. Fans are expecting the same magic in the upcoming series Queen of the Scene. Let’s see how the series goes and how the directing as well as scree writing performs. 

The Queen of the Scene will be released soon on Netflix. Until then, fans need to wait for the official notification from the makers of the show. There are many fake sources so be aware and only reply to the official source. Keep in touch with the official social media handles of the show and Netflix.