Money Heist Spin-off Series “Berlin” Release Date, Cast Members, Trailer, Storyline – Everything You Need to Know

Money Heist Spin-off Series “Berlin” Release Date, Cast Members, Trailer, Storyline – Everything You Need to Know

Since the final season of Money Heist was released, fans have been wondering about the Money Heist Spin-off series. There were many talks about various spin-off series of the show. 

Finally, now the time has come and we have the first Money Heist spin-off series. And that is none other than the most popular character Berlin! Yes, since fans saw Pedro Alonso playing Berlin a.k.a. Andrés de Fonollosa, he has become one of the fan-favorite characters. 

Other fan-favorite characters include Nairobi, Tokyo, Denver, Rio, The Inspector, and of course everyone’s beloved The Professor. 

Berlin Release Date

Currently, the writing and screenplay stages are going on and soon the makers of the show will start filming the series. The filming will take a few months and then they will be starting everything related to post-production.

We all know, how messy it can get throughout various post-production stages. There will be sound mixing, background scores, editing, and much more. 

The expected schedule for Berlin filming is to be commenced in late 2022 up to mid-2023. And then following the post-production stages, the series is expected to release by 2023. There is no official date given by the makers of the show.

This is just speculation and seeing how the filming schedule goes. According to that, the Money Heist spin-off series Berlin will be released. 

Berlin Trailer Release

For now, there is no official trailer for the upcoming spin-off series. As we discussed earlier, there is nothing but the finalized series title and that too might be changed earlier. The screen writings are currently being finished and no shooting has been started.

For that, the makers of the show are soon going to start filming. After that, we can expect to have a short teaser first, followed by the Berlin trailer release. 

Additionally, when the official trailer releases, we will also get some more information along with the trailer release. There are many fans who have been eagerly waiting for the series’ announcement.

And now, when the announcement has finally happened, they are waiting for the release date. Keep in touch with all the official social media accounts to get all the latest updates and notifications. 

Berlin: Total Episodes

The series will have a total of 8 episodes. The length of each episode is not yet known. Soon, we will get more information about all the directors for various episodes. Writers of Berlin include David Oliva, David Berrocal, Geoffrey Cowper, and Albert Pinto along with original writers of Money Heist Alex Pina and Esther Martinez. 

Filming Locations for Berlin

The series is expected to start filming quite sooner than we can imagine. Also, the filming locations include Paris as well as Madrid. Fans must remember the scenes from Paris when Berlin was stealing everything from all the elite places of the French capital. 

The filming schedule is going to be starting from 3rd Oct. 2022 onwards. First various scenes from Paris will be shot, followed by Madrid. There are so many exquisite locations where the series is going to be shot.

Fans are going to love all the places with historical significance and great architectural beauty. And as we all know, how Berlin how a fine dining experience, we are surely going to see some of the most amazing locations for restaurants and outdoors too. 

Berlin Cast Members

  • Pedro Alonso playing Berlin a.k.a. Andrés de Fonollosa
  • Alvaro Morte playing The Professor/ Sergio Marquina, Berlin’s Brother
  • Michelle Jenner playing Keila, an eminence in electronic engineering
  • Tristán Ulloa playing Damián, a philanthropic professor and Berlin’s confidant
  • Begoña Vargas playing Cameron, a kamikaze who always lives on the edge
  • Julio Peña Fernández playing Roi, Berlin’s faithful squire
  • Joel Sánchez playing Bruce, a relentless man of action in the gang

Newest Cast Members a.k.a. Berlin’s Newest Gang

Michelle Jenner as Keila. She will be the one with all the electronics engineering skills in the team. The actress is quite popular and has amazing acting skills. She has appeared in many popular Spanish films such as Nubes de verano, Don’t be Afraid, Extraterrestrial, Gun City, Julieta, Tenemos que hablar, and more.

Some of her television series include El Continental, The Idhun Chronicles, Heirs to the land, Cathedral of the Sea, Isabel, and many more. 

Tristan Ulloa will be playing Damian who also happens to be a “Professor” and Berlin’s confidant. You might know him from another popular Netflix series Warrior Nun. He happens to be an actor, writer as well as director. Since 1996 he has been working and has quite a career. 

Begona Vargas will be playing the role of an unstable Cameron. Fans might recognize her from the popular role in Welcome to Eden. Her popular television works include Boca Norte, Alta mar, Paraiso, La otra mirada, and a few more. 

Joel Sanchez will play Bruce. 

Julio Pena Fernandez will be playing Roi. He was Manuel Gutierrez Quemola in the popular Disney Channel series Bia. He has done television series viz. BIA, BIA: Un mundo al reves, Acacias 28 and now Berlin. He also has done a few movies and played interesting roles. 

Berlin Storyline

The series is going to be focusing more on Berlin i.e. Andres de Fonollosa in the lead role. There is a chance that we might go on to see some of the original characters from Money Heist. The Professor, who happens to be his brother, might be in several scenes as he is the family. 

Additionally, in the plot of Money Heist, we got to know about Berlin’s 5 ex-wives. Also, there was Tatiana, who was seen in the last season of the show. Other than her, he had multiple wives and later on Palermo, who also happened to have mutual feelings for Berlin. 

Characters including Marsella and Bogota – added in the series Money Heist later onwards, they were also the gang members. Their stories might also be added to the Berlin series.

Announced at Netflix’s TUDUM

When the upcoming Money Heist spin-off series was announced at the TUDUM event, it was described as “Love and Heists.” Both Alex Pina, the maker of the show, and Pedro Alonso – playing Berlin, seemed quite excited about it.

They also discussed Script 33 i.e. 33rd version of the Script of Berlin. It is written by David Oliva, Alex Pina, Esther Martinez Lobato, and David Barrocal. 

Final Words

Much awaited spin-off series Berlin will start filming soon, and then we will get more details about the show. Later, the makers of the show will be releasing the official Berlin release date and the trailer.

We will share all the latest updates and notifications regarding the Money Heist spin-off series Berlin. Stay Tuned!

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