K-Drama Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, and Everything You Need To Know

K-Drama Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, and Everything You Need To Know

K-drama fans are in for a spectacular treat from Netflix. They are working on a new medical drama series and have chosen some of the most popular K-pop actors.

The Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 is already on its filming schedule and soon Netflix will release it. Let’s get all the essential details related to K-Drama Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1. 


Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 Release Date:

Netflix has recently started filming the Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1. Some of the fans have spotted the leading actors along with the crew of the series in various locations. The filming will continue for a few weeks or months per the story and its requirement.

After the filming is completed, the series will undergo post-production stages, and then we will get some official updates about the release date. 

For now, there is no official date revealed by the makers of the show. Soon, they will release the official trailer. Along with that, fans will also get the official release date for the series. The expected release date is 2023.

Looking over the current filming schedule, the Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 Release Date will be in 2023. Soon, we will get the official announcement from the makers of the series. 

Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 Storyline:

The series revolves around a nurse and her experiences with her job. These are authentic experiences and have been obtained from real incidents. There’s a nurse who enters the Mental Health Department where she is working in the Psychiatric ward. 

At first, she is not so sure about her job because she is new and clumsy but tries on doing her best. She treats patients sincerely and with the best possible care. There will be many patients along with doctors and other people. It will be quite interesting to see the cast members in their roles. 

Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 Cast Members:

  • Park Bo Young as Jung Da Eun
  • Yeon Woo Jin as Dong Go Yoon
  • Lee Jung Eun as Song Hyo Jin
  • Jang Dong Yoon as Song Yu Chan
  • Lee Sang Hee Role Not Yet Declared
  • Lim Jae Hyeok Role Not Yet Declared

Now, below mentioned is a description of the roles, that is played by the leading cast members.

Park Bo Young Playing Jung Da Eun:

She will be playing the lead role of the Nurse around whom the entire storyline of the show revolves. This will be her second original K-drama from Netflix. Her debut was Abyss. She has been working with so many other actors and has various roles played in Strong Girl Do Bond Soon, Doom at Your Service, Oh My Ghost, and many more. 

She has also worked in many popular films such as Scandal Makers, A Warewolf Boy, and On Your Wedding Day. She is one of the popular South Korean actors who have worked on many projects and has huge numbers of fans from across the world. 

Yeon Woo Jin Playing Dong Go Yoon:

He plays the lead role and this will be his second series. His first one was Thirty-Nine. His various works in series and films have won him many awards and recognition. The most popular work of Yeon Woo includes Marriage, Not Dating along with Introverted Boss, Queen for Seven Days, Judge vs. Judge, Divorce Lawyer in Love, and many more. 

Jang Dong Yoon Playing Song Yu Chan:

This will be his first appearance after his first supporting role in Mr. Sunshine. It was also a Netflix original in 2018. His popular works include School 2017, Search, and The Tale of Nokdu. His popular works include Run Boy Run, Tae-il, Coda, Project Wolf Hunting, and many more. 

Lee Jung Eun Playing Song Hyo Jin:

She is one of the most experienced South Korean actresses with much experience. Her most popular role was the Housekeeper in Parasite. That role won her four prestigious Academy Awards.

She has quite a list of movies as well as series in which she has worked. Young artists who are going to feature in the series Daily Dose of Sunshine will be getting many tips and much-needed experience from her. 

Additional Cast Members:

There are some more of the cast members who will be appearing in the series. We will get to see Lee Sang Hee as well as Lim Jae Hyeok in Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1. 

Fans who are K-drama lovers are definitely going to love the series with such amazing actors on the list cast. Also, the story has so much potential and we all know how fans feel about Medical Dramas. Fans are going to love the series with medical background for sure. 

Netflix will be releasing the official releasing date for the Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 soon. Fans can keep visiting our website to get all the latest details of upcoming K-dramas and more. 

Webtoon Adaption:

Daily Dose of Sunshine is a Netflix original K-drama and is based on a webcomic called “Morning Also Comes To The Psychiatric Ward.)

It was released in 2020 by Lee Ra Ha. The name is the literal translation of the title from Korean. 


Daily Dose of Sunshine Makers Team:

All of Us Are Dead fame director Lee Jae Kyu will be directing the series with his amazing storytelling skills. His recent film All of Us Are Dead made quite the records and his direction was also much appreciated. 

The writer’s team includes Lee Nam Gyu from The Light In Your Eyes, Film Series Detective K, The Awl, and more. Also, there will be Gag concert writers Kim Da Hee and Oh Bo Hyun who will be joining Nam Gyu. 


Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 Latest Updates (2023):

Daily Dose is one of the newly upcoming series of South Korean, which Lee Jae-Kyoo directs. It is initially based on a Kakao Webtoon under the same name by Lee Ra-Ha. Also, as it is newly released, everyone is so excited to collect all the latest information; and always eager to take some updates from its official OTT Streaming platform, that is, from its Netflix.

Not only this, but the makers of the show selected very talented and popular cast members for season 1, which includes the names like the Park Bo-Young as Jung Da-Eun, Jang Dong-Yoon as Song Yoo-chan, Yeon Woo-Jin as Dong Go-Geun, and the Lee Jung-Eun as Song Hyo-shin.

Now, here we are also sharing a hint for all the South Korean series fans, and that is the entire series is based on a Jung Da-Eun, who performing the role of a nurse in a department of psychiatry. 

Also, the creators of the show and the official streaming platform shared a post where they mentioned that the very first season of the series would be released by the end of 2023, or we can also call it the fourth quarter of 2023.

Apart from this, we are still looking to collect more detailed information for the same; we will surely update you as and when we get any.

Where to Watch Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1?

We all know that the Daily Dose of Sunshine is one of the newly upcoming series whose production work is still on its way, and therefore we have yet to have any released episodes here to watch.

But, whenever season 1 is released, it will be released only on its OTT streaming platform, which is only on Netflix.

Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 Trailer:

As of now, there is no official trailer for the series. Fans are expecting to see all their favorite K-pop actors in the upcoming Daily Dose of Sunshine Season 1 Trailer. But the trailer is yet to be released.

Soon, Netflix will drop news related to the trailer release. Viewers will also get to know more about the official release date for the series from the trailer itself.