Bird Box Barcelona: Netflix’s International Spin-Off Strategy for Popular Releases?

Bird Box Barcelona: Netflix’s International Spin-Off Strategy for Popular Releases?

Recently, Netflix released a spin-off – Bird Box Barcelona- set in the same universe as its previous film Bird Box starring Oscar winner actress Sandra Bullock in the lead role. Being set in the same universe and showing similar incidents but with different cast members – a new and unique international spin-off strategy from Netflix. Are they planning something different?

New International Spin-off Strategy?

We all know how any popular release, either a movie or a series, gets renewed and comes back with another season and an exciting storyline. Amid all such regular things happening, Netflix has some new strategy to surprise international fans. 

Bird Box Starring Sandra Bullock

Bird Box – a horror thriller, became the most-watched film on Netflix and had almost 280 million hours of watch time. The movie has the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world where mysterious and invisible entities force people to kill themselves. Even though they are invisible, whoever has their eyes open gets affected and immediately kills themselves and everyone around them. 

On the contrary, when people keep their eyes closed with any blindfold, they are safe and unaffected by the mystery. Sandra Bullock played the lead role of Malorie Hayes, and two kids with her are looking for a safe place to live. The entire movie keeps you bolted to your seats, and exciting twists in the storyline make it a binge-worthy film. 

Netflix’s Recent Release: Birdbox Barcelona

Now, we have another movie – with a similar name set in the same universe and time duration; the cast differs from the original movie. Also, the storyline seems interesting, with a spicy and dangerous twist. The movie is Birdbox Barcelona and stars Spanish actors in it. 

This is a well-thought and executed strategy from Netflix, where they are extending such popular movies/ series as a spin-off. The storyline is still quite similar; because it has been a fan favorite, it is more likely to get higher viewership. 

Other Similar Spin-Offs

Besides this film, you might have heard of similar spinoffs such as Army of the Dead and Army of Thieves. Another example is Money Heist: Korea after the massive success of Money Heist. Another Prequel series of Money Heist is set to release soon, i.e., Berlin. Whatever their strategy is, fans love such spin-offs of their favorite movies and series released from Netflix!