Apple TV + “The Crowded Room” Creator Akiva Goldsman Explains How There Are Ways to Heal

Apple TV + “The Crowded Room” Creator Akiva Goldsman Explains How There Are Ways to Heal

After the finale episodes of Apple TV+’s awaited series The Crowded Room were released, there have been many discussions about it. Despite being different in nature, the series’ storyline might seem too overwhelming to some of us because the story is about some who were involved in a shooting, and it is based on a true story and real-life incidents. But for that, the show’s maker, Akiba Goldsman, has revealed some shocking facts. Let’s take a look. 

The Crowded Room: Storyline

It is a 10-episode sling series that is based on the real-life events of Billy Milligan. He might be the first person diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is why he committed the crimes due to his condition. It was created by Akiva Goldsman and based on The Minds of Billy Milligan book by Daniel Keyes. Todd Graff develops the series. 

The series stars famous actor Tom Holland, Sasha Lane, Amanda Seyfried, Will Chase, Emmy Rossum, Lior Raz, and Sasha Lane in the lead roles. The series started to release various episodes starting on 28th July 2023 every week. 

What did the maker Goldsman Share?

When the storyline is of such extreme nature, it must be represented with the right mindset and attitude. For that, the maker Akiva Goldamsn said that it was necessary to create some background in the story where the audience feels empathy and emotion towards the victims who have undergone such extreme hardships mentally, physically, and emotionally and faced such severe psychological hardships. 

Also, the maker explained how the ending of The Crowded Room shows how specific trauma to someone takes them back to the time when it happened, like time travel. He also said it could be healed, as there are some ways to go through the healing process. He also shared how the series already had great potential for only one season, as per the storyline from the book. 

Will there be The Crowded Room Season 2?

There won’t be a next season for The Crowded Room because the story and series concluded with its first season and all its episodes. The finale might come to some people as a shocking yet satisfying ending due to what it is. But it is what it is. That’s how his story was, and that is what happened.

It has already been labeled as a limited story, meaning there won’t be any further seasons after the first. Moreover, some leading characters in the series have received great audience responses. Hence there are chances of getting spin-off series for these characters only.