$1 Million Copyright Lawsuit Against Taylor Swift Dropped by Mississippi Woman

$1 Million Copyright Lawsuit Against Taylor Swift Dropped by Mississippi Woman

Last year, a Mississippi poet Teresa La Dart sued global pop star Taylor Swift and filed a copyright lawsuit against her. She claimed that Taylor Swift had stoled her designs from her poetry book, which is also named Lover. There were accusations that Taylor Swift used her book’s cover for her 2019 album of the same name. However, recently there was a voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit, not a settlement. 

What Exactly Happened?

The first complaint she filed was that Taylor Swift stole her La Dart’s book Lover’s Content and said that “a number of creative elements” were stoled by worldwide trending singer Taylor Swift. Also, earlier, La Dart’s lawyer said that, upon Taylor Swift’s success with the Lover album, she owns “excess of one million dollars” in damages. 

On 27th July, when Motion was filed in Tennesse federal court, La Dart’s lawyer said she would permanently drop the case. It happened after Taylor Swift’s lawyers criticized their lawsuit, and legal experts said the same thing to Billboard. 

Taylor Swift

Popular celebrity and singer Taylor Swift is on her historical The Eras Tour. She is busy making and breaking so many records worldwide. Also, she is said to be the one who will save the US economic crisis, so there won’t be an economic crisis.

An average of 54,000 fans attend each of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concerts. That roughly counts to her bringing in more than $13 million per each night of her show. And there have been merely 22 shows and already earned $300 million. 

Awards and Records

Apart from her concert, she holds many records for several songs. She won 12 Grammy Awards, which is a record in itself. She has also won 40 AMA – American Music Awards – a record for the most won by an artist. With 29 Billboard Music Awards, she has also become the only woman to have won these many awards. She has been honored by many accumulated titles and by many international organizations. She has also been named the youngest person to enter the 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time by Rolling Stone. 

On top of everything, she has 266 million Instagram followers, and all her fans call themselves “Swifties,” there are many millions of them worldwide. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is breaking all the records now, with so many shows still to go in the upcoming months.