Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Today’s generation is fond of watching thriller series, as they want much suspense and mysteries in each new episode. So, here we will talk about one such fantastic Spanish drama television series, Wrong Side of the Tracks. The series name seems unique to the others, and likewise, the story. Also, it has famous starring members like Luis Zahera and Jose Coronado.

Now, if we talk about the IMDb rating of Wrong Side of the Tracks, a Thriller drama series with a 6.9 out of 10.

After releasing the first two seasons of The Wrong Side of the Track on 1st February 2022, and another on 29th March 2022, the viewers are eagerly looking for season 3, which still needs to be announced from the maker’s side.

So, fans, by seeing your excitement, here we have shared all the latest information about the Wrong Side of the Track Season 3, including its storyline, cast members, release date, and much more.

Let’s start our article by seeing the list of starring members for the forthcoming season.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Cast Member:

We all know that all the cast members of the Wrong Side of the Tracks are so famous for their simplicity and down-to-earth personalities, and they are also getting so much support and appreciation from their fans and followers.

But it is also a fact that the makers have not shared any details about the new casting members, so here we have presented the list of the old cast member, which includes;

  • José Coronado as Tirso Abantos
  • Luis Zahera as Ezequiel Fandiño
  • María de Nati as Nata
  • Itziar Atienza as Amanda Martos
  • Laura Ramos as Gladys
  • María Molins as Jimena Abantos
  • Manuel Tallafé as Pepe
  • Manolo Caro as Sanchís
  • Felipe Londoño as Nelson Gutiérrez
  • Nona Sobo as Irene Sánchez Abantos
  • Miguel Angel Jiménez as Santi Abantos
  • Bruno Lastra as Iván
  • Martin Páez as Ribery 
  • Adil Koukouh as Loko
  • Franky Martín as Sandro Salazar Campos
  • Viktor Beltrán as Pantera 
  • Mariona Terés as Fanny
  • Carmen Esteban as Alicia Solano
  • Quique Medina as Andrade 
  • Jordi Sánchez as Guillermo Salgado

Other than this, there is also a chance of increasing the number of cast members, as the makers might introduce some new faces for the upcoming season.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Series Overview:

Wrong Side of the Tracks is a Spanish-based thriller series, which David Bermejo excellently created, and the entire shooting takes place in Entrevias, a neighborhood of Madrid. 

Both seasons of the series constantly add new twists and turning points in each episode, which excites viewers to watch another episode. Let’s start to take a summary of the Wrong Side of the Tracks series.

Initially, the series follows the character Tirso Abantos, an ex-military man who has started his own business after retiring from his army job and opening a hardware store. Tirso Abantos and their other family members lived his after-retirement life very happily.

But on the other side, his granddaughter, Irene, indulged in illegal activities with his boyfriend, Nelson, and started a drug-selling and purchasing business. Still, Tirso Abantos dont like Nelson, as he seems like something will happen badly with her granddaughter. So, he always tries to protect her from these illegal activities.

Unfortunately, one day when Irene and Nelson plan to sell the drugs, and they both will go far away from where they live, it completely goes wrong because Irene’s boyfriend, Nelson, cheats on her. Then he and his friend Sandro raped her and killed after very severely.

Tirso then comes to know about the matter, and he suddenly makes a team of all the corrupt police officers and starts his investigation for Irene’s boyfriend and his group in every place.

So, this is all about what the Wrong Side of the Tracks says; now the fans are waiting to know what will happen next season. Whether Tirso and his corrupt police group will succeed in finding the killers, or some new mystery will take place?

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Expected Storyline:

As we discussed above, the Wrong Side of the Tracks is one of the fans-loving series, and fans are patiently waiting for the announcement of its season 3, but the makers have not announced anything about season 3. We can make a few assumptions for its forthcoming season based on its previous season.

For the forthcoming seasons, fans are expecting much more things, like how Tirso and his team member will find the actual location of those criminals, or any new cast will enter the show, and much more.

And they are especially interested to know about the more mysterious connection with the life of Tirso’s granddaughter Irene.

So, there are many more questions that the fans have in their mind for the forthcoming season, but until the final announcement of season 3, we will be unable to share the exact storyline. So, guys, wait a few more months to know what will happen in season 3.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Release Date:

As of now, we just got certain information about the happening of the Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3; other than this, we are not having any particular information about season 3.

Hence, the fans have to wait until the following announcement from the maker’s side or else from its official Netflix Platform. But as per our assumption, there is a high chance that it will be released by early 2024.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Latest Updates (2023):

Wrong Side of the Tracks Series is a Spanish show which is highly getting love worldwide, and in March, Netflix origin has also given the right to stream the series on the Netflix platform. Alea Media produced the series, and it mainly follows the plot of a lead character named Tirso Abantos, a retired army officer who runs a hardware store, and about her granddaughter, who her boyfriend sexually assaults.

After the series season 2, everyone was eagerly waiting to know what next will come into the show, and in a recent interview with the show makers, they announced that Wrong Side of the Tracks Series is further have two more seasons of the same.

And they already started the production work of Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 on February 2023. We hope that season 3 of Wrong Side of the Tracks will soon be released by the end of 2023 or by early 2024.

Do you know where to Watch Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3?

Well, it is good news for all the Wrong Side of the Tracks fans, as Wrong Side of the Tracks season 1 and 2 is available on the most watched streaming platforms, only on the Netflix streaming platform.

Not only that, but the viewers also get all the essential information about the happening of season 3, regarding its trailer, etc., from only the Netflix platform, as it was the official platform to release the series.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Trailer:

We don’t have any updates regarding season 3, and even the production of season 3 might not have started yet, so it will take longer to release the official trailer of the Wrong Side of the Tracks, Season 3.

But, until that period, you guys can watch the trailer of Wrong Side of the Tracks, season 2, as it is already linked above.

Bottom Line:

Wrong Side of the Tracks is one of the outstanding Spanish series David Bermejo created. The series is all about criminal activities, plus lots of suspense and the addition of twists and turns make the series much more fan favorite.

Also, their fans greatly appreciate the cast members’ acting, and their down-earth nature connects them easily with their fans and followers. Now, if we talk about the excellent storyline of the series, it is still winning the heart of many people. The creators have perfectly stated the story of an ex-army officer looking for his granddaughter’s murderer, who cruelly killed her granddaughter after raping her.

The fans are excited about the forthcoming season, but the makers have not shared anything about the upcoming season yet. But don’t worry, guys, stay in touch with our website, where you will find all the latest information and updates regarding the upcoming series, seasons, and episodes.