Will Primos Biography, Net Worth, And Everything You Need to Know

Will Primos Biography, Net Worth, And Everything You Need to Know 

Will Primos be born on 2nd March 1952 in Jackson, Mississippi, United States? He is the owner and president of Primos Hunting. He started his hunting career at a very early age, and now he is one of top America’s selling brands of hunting game calls and accessories.

Will Primos Personal Details
Real Name Will Primos
Father Name Kenneth Primos
Mother Name Mary Anne
Gender Male
Spouse Mary
Date of Birth 2 March 1952
Age 71 years old
Birthplace Jackson, Mississippi, United States
Residence Lives in the United States
Marital Status Married
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Education Belhaven University
Height 1.8m
Weight 75kg


Since childhood, he has been interested in hunting activities. Then, Will considered hunting a part of his occupation, and at 11, he only made a duck call. Not only that, but he is also honored with various awards and achievements. 

Will Primos Early Lifestyle:

Will Primos had spent his early life in Mississippi, where he was born. As previously discussed. His love for hunting was constantly increasing as he got older. Also, he learned many things about hunting from his family too. 

In 1974, Will went to Belhaven University to complete his degree in business and biology. After completing his graduate study, he joined and started his own hunting business and helped their family members in their food service business.

He got the first-ever killer call, and that is of a tin beer. Then in 1989, he sold products for almost one million dollars, and this progress is continuously taking a peak from 1990 to 2000. Plus, Will also started hunting for sale equipment, like Blinds, Decoys, Apparel, etc. 

Will Primos Personal Life:

Will family members highly depend on the hunting business? His grandfather was a Greek Immigrant named Angelo Primos. The nickname of his grandfather was “Pop.”

Will’s grandfather is associated with some restaurants and catering activities where he will work for a few years after completing his degree. His parents encouraged him to start a hunting activity and helped him grow his business.

Not only that, but it also has three uncles named Billy, Aleck, and Gus. And he has one older cousin named Jimmy Primos. People might see him along with Will in his hunting show. 

Will Primos Career:

After taking a graduation degree from Belhaven University, Will joined his family business, which was food services. There he worked as a manager and handled all the business. After a few years, Wil met the local turkey camp founder, Eleanor Roessler. She imparts the guidelines to Will regarding the duck calls and much more.

Later in 1976, Will established his store where he sells hunting products. Not only that, but Will also started selling his products to Pennsylvania and its surrounding areas. Afterward, Will Primos constantly engaged himself in finding other alternative options, which helped him expand his business. In 1983, he came up with the idea of audiotapes which is helpful for hunting. 

Then, in 1988, Will finally decided to leave his family business and want to start something of his own. This decision made the life of Will, and he got much more successful after he started his venture. In 2012, He also sold his farm area, which spread over 2863.4 acres.

Not only that, but Will Primos also gave a new name to his company, Primos Yelpers. But, again, he changed the name to Primos Hunting Calls, which was well-known for hunting calls. The firm deals with turkey call for waterfowl, elk, deer, etc. He also sells hunting products, including shooting accessories, clothes, supplements, etc. 

Will Primos Personal Details
Occupation Founder and President of Primos Hunting
Awards and Achievements Mississippi Hero Of Conservation Honor,
Silver Teal Award,
Wetlands Achievement Award,
Wings of Innovation Award
Famous Quote Being obsessed is being so passionate
about something that when you’re
involved in it, your mind doesn’t
think about anything else.
Official Instagram Username @primos_hunting
YouTube Channel @PrimosHuntingVideo
Official Website https://www.primos.com/
Networth (2023) $26000


Will Primos Net Worth:

As of 2022, Will Primos’ net worth was approximately $200 thousand. He earned more income from his Primos Hunting business, which stands at the top of America’s hunting accessory brands. Will Primos’ current net worth is yet not disclosed by the company?

Will Primos Latest Updates (2023):

Primos Hunting is a branded Hunting Accessory business that Will Primos lead. It is a family hunting business carried forward by the Will Primos, and the latest net worth of the Will Primos Hunting business is $10 Million.

Not only this, but as per the March 2023 report, some of the group members of Primos Hunting business won the NWTF Awards, such as Travis Ham, who won the Grand National Calling Championship Award, etc., and at the present moment too, the Primos business is constantly standing at the peak position, under the control of Will Primos of the successful entrepreneur. There is a chance that the net worth of Primos hunting will double in the future.

Will Primos Awards and Achievements:

The following is the list of awards and achievements that Will Primos receive:

  • In the year 2018, Primos received an award of Tom Kelly Award NWFT. This award is mainly given for his best communication.
  • Primos also received the Wings of Innovation Award, Silver Teal Award, Mississippi Hero of Conservation Honor, and Wetland Achievement Award.

  • Primos was also inducted into the Mississippi Outdoor Hall of Fame in 2017.
  • In 2012, Primos Hunting firm was acquired by Bushnell Outdoor products. But the thing is, both companies are private, so public interference is not allowed. At the moment, Primos Hunting has gross revenue of approximately 60 Million Dollars.

Will Primos Final Words:

Will Primos is the Founder and President of Primos Hunting Company. He completed his education at Belhaven University and then joined his family business associated with food services. Not only that, but he is also honored with many awards and achievements too. 

So, in this article, we have discussed all the essential information about one of the reputed personalities, “Will Primos.” It includes awards and achievements and much more.