Where To Watch Criminal Minds on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max?

Where To Watch Criminal Minds on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max?

The Criminal Minds is a police drama, with 15 seasons and 324 episodes, and all of their centres around the behavioural analysis of serial killers. The criminal minds consist of elite FBI groups who are on their journey to find dangerous criminals of the nation and try getting into their minds to follow the methodology and psychology.

The elite group tries to stay one step ahead of the criminal and, at times, most of the time succeeds. The show focuses more on the killer and victim than on the crimes and uses their skills to analyze the specific patterns.

You can watch Criminal Minds on various streaming platforms. Some of them are:-

Netflix: Criminal Minds is available on Netflix, but it doesn’t have all fifteen seasons. Only the first 12 seasons are available for streaming.

Amazon Prime: The show is available on Amazon Prime. All fifteen seasons of Criminal Minds are available for the user to stream on Amazon Prime.

Hulu: Yes, Criminal Minds is available on Hulu. But only the last three seasons. Season 13,14 and 15 of Criminal Minds are available to stream on Hulu.

HBO Max: Unfortunately the show is not available on HBO Max, but you can find the entire 15 seasons on CBS’s streaming platform, Paramount +. You can also rent the show from Google Play, iTunes, Prime Videos or Youtube.

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If you have loads of time and are obsessed with crime shows, then binge-watch Criminal minds as it includes psychotic criminals of America and a group of elite FBI tracking their moves and behavioural patterns through their profiling skills. It explores various fields of crime and shows the struggle of being a crime expert. Criminal Minds tv show is a must-watch!