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Suraksha Store
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Suraksha Store Registration & Training

The Indian Government is associated with FMCG growing companies with an initiative named Suraksha Store for Kirana and other stores. The object of the Suraksha Store is to convert Kirana and local stores into sanitized retail passages that follow all norms, where citizens can buy goods with no fear of COVID-19. The Indian Government is seeking almost 20 lakhs Suraksha Store in the next month. If you and any of your friend or a family member has Kirana shop or local store and you want to make your Suraksha Store, you can apply for it but you need to visit its official sites

Suraksha Store Registration & Training

We all know the pandemic COVID-19 has changed the lifestyle of everyone and each one s facing this pandemic. Folks are following social distancing rules because no one knows who is Corona positive around them and who is not, right? Somewhere, it may be affected stores of grocery and any Kiaran store that’s why The Government of India determined to make Kirana stores a Suraksha Store so that while people buy grocery goods they do have to worry about COVID-19.

This Suraksha Store provides safe products that will be hygienic as well as sanitized. With the help of FMCG companies, the Indian Government will adopt the nearby stores that will help them by giving education of safety. There are more than 50 FMCG companies till now that shook hands with the Government of India and these companies are offering high standard sanitize products such as masks, sanitizer, gloves. Well there are lots of companies that offer fake sanitizers but FMCG is the branch that is delivering 100% real and organic products.

How we can register ourselves for Suraksha Store Registration & Training?

If you want to register your Kirana store or another store as a Suraksha Store, you have to follow some steps-

  • Firstly visit the official website of Suraksha Store Registration & Training named
  • You will reach on the home page, now you need to do sign up
  • Fill the form carefully and submit it after checking the details
  • Now you will receive a message of successfully registered.

How we can get a certificate of Suraksha Store Registration & Training?

Whether you want to register yourself or you want to take certification of Suraksha Store Registration & Training, you have to follow some steps given below-

  • Register your name and store on Suraksha Store official site

If you want to be part of the Suraksha Store Registration & Training mission or you want to register your store to fight with the pandemic COVID-19, firstly you have to register on the official website of the Suraksha Store.

  • Enroll the valid detail for taking Suraksha Store Registration & Training

When you have done registration successfully, you will have to enroll for the Suraksha Store Registration & Training where professionals will give you the entire right information and explain to you about the Suraksha Store program.

  • Complete your Suraksha Store Registration & Training

After completed training, you will have to attempt an assessment test that will ensure what you have learned during the Suraksha Store Registration & Training program.

  • Now you will get a certificate

If you have done the assessment test wisely, you will be awarded the Suraksha Store Registration & Training certificate.

  • Physical demonstration by local distributor

Once you get the Suraksha Store Registration & Training certificate, your nearby or local visitor can visit your store without worries. They will evaluate the standard what you learned in the Suraksha Store Registration & Training period.

  • Adapt the hygienic standard to make your Kirana a Suraksha Store 

After opening your Suraksha Store, you need to follow the safety guidelines and sanitize standards so that you Suraksha Store loved by the customers as well as they buy from your store.