Striking Out Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, Trailer, Latest Updates 2023, and Everything You Need To Know

Striking Out Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, Trailer, Latest Updates 2023, and Everything You Need To Know

Striking Out is a tremendous legal drama-based Irish series created by James Phelan, and Simon Massey and Lisa James Larsson direct it.

The series gained much support and love from its fans for two regular seasons, out of which the first season was released on 1 January 2017 and the second was released on 7 January 2018. And, as of now, the makers have no plan to renew the series for its third season, so you guys might get a chance to watch the forthcoming season.

So, here we’re providing you with all the latest information about the upcoming season of the Striking Out series, which might be released soon. So, first of all, let’s talk about the IMDb rating of Striking Out, which was 7.7 out of 10

The series’ leading character, Amy Huberman, is Tara Rafferty, who lives and works as a Solicitor in Dublin, the largest city in Irish. And she is performing so well her role, and everyone is falling in love with her acting and personality.

Let’s start the article by knowing the expected list of Striking Out cast Members for its forthcoming season.

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Striking Out Season 3 Cast Members List 

Well, it is a fact that behind any successful series, the cast members play a very vital role, and in that too, if we are talking about any legal drama series, which is rarely found series, needs characters who can match their personality and vibes as per their role. And that was perfectly done by the Striking Out series team makers.

So, here is the list of all those characters who played crucial roles in the last two series and may also play a vital role in its other season, which is yet to be released.

  • Amy Huberman as Tara Rafferty
  • Neil Morrissey as Vincent Pike
  • Jane Brennan as Deidre York 
  • Rory Keenan as Eric Dunbar
  • Enda Oates as Phillip McGrath 
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy as George Cusack
  • Elva Trill as Gillian
  • Paul Antony-Barber as Richard Dunbar
  • Sam McGovern as “Bookworm” Joe
  • Ingrid Craigie as Irene Rafferty
  • Conall Keating as Steve
  • Brahm Gallagher as Pete
  • Natalie Radmall-Quirke as Caroline Walsh
  • Nick Dunning as Conrad Rafferty
  • Susannah De Wrixon as Joan Dunbar
  • Moe Dunford as Sam Dunbar
  • Emmet Byrne as Ray Lamont
  • Michael James Ford as Nigel Fitzjames 
  • Kate Gilmore as Lucy Whelan
  • Fiona O’Shaughnessy as Meg Reilly

Striking Out Storyline Overview

Striking Out is one of the Irish legal drama series with a 7.7 IMDb rating. Many fans have missed some part of the series due to circumstances, or many people are reaching for this series for the first time, so for them, it is essential to know a glimpse of both the season of the Striking Out series then and only they will be able to understand the storyline of the upcoming season.

Here, we briefly discuss the striking seasons 1 and 2 and are moving toward its forthcoming season.

First of all, both parts of the series show most of the courtroom drama, where we see a lot of feelings, and the makers have appreciably represented the personality of an influential person in the series.

So, the start of the series focuses on Tara Rafferty, who finds that her fiancé, Eric Dunbar, is having another affair with someone who is working with him. Now, Tara and her fiancé Eric Dunbar are working in the same organization, which creates more trouble for Tara. 

So, she finally decided to leave the organization and started her legal practices, mainly focused on domestic-related disputes, where her work was to protect the customers.

Then, as we move ahead with the series, we see that all the influential people against whom Tara is following legal procedures make trouble for her and create many obstacles for her. And now, she has to face her personal and professional life simultaneously and handle all the problems single-handedly.

Also, the ending of season 2 is full of suspense and mystery related to Tara’s life, and also, many questions remain to reveal, and fans are too excited to know the same thing.

Striking Out Season 3 Expected Storyline

As we stated above, after the release of Striking Out season 2 on 7 January 2018, the makers have not announced the forthcoming season. Still, there is a high chance of renewing the series, as the makers have yet to end its previous seasons properly.

In season 3, we will primarily focus on Barry, Tara, and the mysterious Coraline. Also, there are many chances that the makers may add the plot of the series and try to end it differently than its previous two series.

But still, we all have to wait for the final decision of the makers related to whether season 3 is happening or not.

Striking Out Season 3 Release Date

A few interviews conducted with the production team members of the Striking Out series have shared that they have no plan to make Striking Out season 3, but that does not mean that season 2 was the season’s final series.

The fans may get to see Striking Out season 3 very soon. But till that time, you can re-watch both the series’ previous seasons. 

Where to Watch Striking Out Season 3?

Striking Out is one of the top-rated legal drama series, and having a 7.7 IMDb rating is perfect. But still, many of the fans are finding the ideal streaming platform to watch the series.

So, for their awareness, I want to share the watching details. Both seasons of the Striking Out series were available on the Prime Video platform. So, you can watch the series easily from this platform; also, you will get all the latest updates regarding the same series from the Prime Video Platform itself.

Striking Out Season 3 Latest Updates (2023)

Striking Out Series is an Irish legal drama series created by James Phelan and directed by Simon Massey and Lisa James Larsson.

Viewers liked the series’ plot and every little thing about the show. And specifically, the audience is massive fans of Amy Huberman, who plays the role of Tara Rafferty, a Dublin-based solicitor in the series. 

Everything about Tara Rafferty was outstanding, and the audiences appreciated the hard work and effort that she has done in both the season of Striking Out series. But now, it’s been almost six years, and the creators are not sharing any renewal news for season 3, which disappoints many Striking Out fans.

And, until any further news, we can assume that they have almost canceled the series. Even after receiving a positive response from the audience, the showmakers haven’t announced the show’s upcoming seasons.

Yet we are just looking for an official announcement. Until then, enjoy watching the previous season of the Striking Out Series and stay connected to our website to get further information about shows like Striking Out and more. 


Who sings the theme song for the show Striking Out?

The Cork artist Lyra excellently sang the theme song of the series.

Who is Wade in Striking Out?

Striking Out is one of the well-known series of legal dramas in which Wade plays a pretty popular role as Superintendent Gerry Wade, whose role is played by Peter Trant.

How many episodes were there in the Striking Out series?

If we compare the number of episodes from both Striking Out series, the total has released ten. Four were released from season 1, and the remaining six were released from season 2.

Striking Out Season 3 Official Trailer Release 

Unfortunately, Striking Out Season 3 is not yet final, and the makers have said they still need time to think about Season 3. So, viewers may soon see the Striking Out season 3 trailer.

But until that time, you can re-watch the trailer of Striking Out season 2, which is already linked above.

Final Words:

Striking Out is one of the well-known Irish television series, entirely based on the legal drama, created by James Phelan and directed by Simon Massey and Lisa James Larsson. The series’ leading cast, Amy Huberman, as Tara Rafferty’s role, gets much love and appreciation from their fans, and not only that, but the makers and other team members also get much fame from this series.

Now, after releasing Striking Out seasons 1 and 2, the series makers are not making any confirmed news about season 3. Still, there is a high possibility of happening this season 3. So, the fans must wait a few more years to watch Striking Out season 3.

Also, guys, stay connected with our website as we provide the latest updates and information about every new and upcoming series and season. 


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