Billions Season 7 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, Trailer Release, Latest Updates, And Everything You Need to Know

Billions Season 7 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, Trailer Release, Latest Updates, And Everything You Need to Know

In January 2016, famous American writers Brian Koppelman, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and David Levien teamed up and created the revolutionary American drama series, ‘Billions.’ 

At the moment, showrunners have created a total of 6 seasons of Billions. The most recent season premiered on January 23, 2022, with twelve episodes. The final episode was released on April 10, 2022. The sixth season is still in mind, and fans wonder whether Billions Season 7 will return. 

Overall the series has received a positive response from the audience. The sixth season itself received an exceptional 8.4/10 rating on IMDb. Hence, we can say that it’s pretty fair that makers might come back with another continuation part of Billions. 

In the following sections, we added Billions Season 7 release dates, storyline, cast members, and the latest updates for Billions Season 7. So read this article until the end to get the latest Billion Season 7 release date information. 

Billions Season 7 Release Date

Finally, the show makers of one of the most highly anticipated drama series, Billions, have announced that the seventh season will stream on Paramount+ Showtime. Now all we have to do is mark the circle on August 11, 2023, and be ready to watch one of the most exciting thriller and entertaining drama series.


In the following sections, we added all the latest updates and information about Billions Season 7. So if you haven’t watched all the latest seasons and their episodes, what are you waiting for? You still have more than enough time to watch the Billions drama series.

Billions Season 7 Brief Overview 

In 2015, an American television network, Showtime, announced the first season of Billions, and a year later, it premiered on January 17, 2016. Brian Koppelman and David Levien created and developed this American drama. 

The storyline circles around the intense power struggle and legal wars between an American Attorney, Chuck Rhoades, and Bobby Axelrod, who can cross all the limits to protect his wealth, fame, and prosperity. To a certain extent, this story was inspired by the investigations of an Indian-American lawyer, Preetinder Singh Bharara, a.k.a. Preet Bharara.

As the story progresses, the two wars become so exciting and compelling that viewers can’t divert their attention from the ongoing show. Here, you will see both the characters fight till the end to prove themselves superior to the other. 

The show was nominated for ‘Outstanding Drama Series in the GLAAD Media Awards as it featured a non-binary character (Taylor Mason). Here, Paul Giamatti played the role of a ruthless attorney Charles Rhoades Jr. who is regarded as an enemy of those criminals who try to become wealthy at the cost of voiding federal rules and regulations. 

In addition, Damian Lewis, a.k.a Robert Axelrod, announced that he would return for the upcoming Billions season. He stated, ‘Axe is back. And he has not been around for a few seasons, but eventually, he is back again.’ 

Billions Season 7 Cast Member

Billions web series portrayed the real-life incidents of financial crimes and the involvement of federal authorities. The show’s success depends upon various factors, and the actors’ performance is one of them. 

We can expect the regular cast to return to Billions’ continuation part. Interestingly, fans will see Damian Lewis in the upcoming season of Billions. Here, we have provided the complete list of cast members of Billions Season 7. 

  • Damian Lewis as Robert ‘Bobby’ Axelrod
  • Corey Stoll as Mike Thomas Prince
  • Kelly AuCoin as Bill Stearn “Dollar”
  • David Costabile as Mike “Wags” Wagner
  • Maggie Siff as Wendy Rhoades
  • Jeffrey DeMunn as Charles Roades
  • Paul Giamatti as Chuck Rhoades
  • Condola Rashad as Kate Sacker
  • Toby Leonard Moore as Bryan Connerty
  • Asia Kate Dillon as Taylor Mason
  • Malin Akerman as Lara Axelord

Billions Season 7 Expected Storyline

Showtime has finally announced the renewal for Billions Season 7, and fans are speculating on the release date, the show’s main plot, and twists. Undobdltly, the seventh installment would be full of power, authoritative mindsets of rivals, money, and mind games.   

We might see new characters and a new storyline in the seventh season. Building an exciting storyline is hectic, but the Billions series has prominent writers like Brian Koppelman, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and David Levien.  

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Billions Season 7

As per the previous records, Showtime has kept the quantity for the episodes. From the very first season to the most recent one, makers have delivered a total of twelve episodes in each season.  

Similarly, we can expect the same for the next part of this series. There will probably be twelve episodes with an average run time of 54 to 50 minutes. 

Billions Season 7 Episode Titles

The official list of episodes for Billions Season 7 is not available. Therefore, we have added episodes of the sixth season so that you can binge-watch the season effortlessly. Here is the list of episode titles of Billions Season 6. 

  • Billions Season 6 Episode 01 – “Cannonade”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 02 – “Lyin’ Eyes”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 03 – “STD”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 04 – “Burn Rate”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 05 – “Rock of Eye”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 06 – “Hostis Humani Generis”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 07 – “Napoleon’s Hat”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 08 – “The Big Ugly”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 09 – “Hindenburg”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 10 – “Johnny Favorite”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 11 – “Succession”
  • Billions Season 6 Episode 12 – “Cold Storage”

Where To Watch Billions Season 7?

All the seasons are exclusively available on the Showtime platform. It will be readily available on the Showtime application whenever the seventh season releases. So if you don’t want to miss out on further stories, you will need to subscribe to the Showtime app.  

Billions Season 7 Makers Team

The Billions web series is one of the most exciting shows with thriller, suspense, greed, money games, and manipulation tricks. It was initially created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin. 

The show includes versatile actors such as Paul Giamatti, Maggie Siff, David Costabile, and Damian Lewis.

Not only that, but Christian Soriano also produced the Billions series. He joined the trio, Brian, Andrew, and David. The show was aired on an American television network, ‘Showtime’ on January 17, 2023. 

Billions Season 7 Awards and Achievements 

To receive 8.4/10 ratings on the IMDb platform is difficult, but Billions has achieved such commendable numbers through exceptional storylines, location selections, direction, etc. 

Moreover, the Billions series has also been nominated for various honorary titles and awards. In 2017, Billions was nominated for Golden Nymph Awards for ‘Best Drama TV Series.’ Again in 2018 and 2019, the show was nominated for GLAAD Media Awards. 

Apart from this, various actors were nominated for major awards like Satellite, Artios, Critics Choice Television Awards, and more.

Now, you can imagine the popularity of this show in the United States. Let’s see how the seventh season of Billions will perform globally. 

Billions Season 7 Latest Updates 2023

Earlier, millions of fans were wondering about the release date for one of the most highly anticipated American drama series, Billions. But now we have good news for you all. Your concern about the show’s renewal for the seventh season finally ended. As the show makers have announced that Billions Season 7 will premiere on Paramount+ and Showtime on August 11, 2023, fans are now satisfied with the decision.

It’s just a matter of barely two months (when writing this article). So if you are one of those cinephiles looking for the release date for Billions Season 7, have patience now; your favorite show is on the way to premiere on August 11, 2023.

Billions Season 7 Trailer Release

If you are wondering whether the makers have released a trailer for Billions Season 7, then let me tell you that almost a week ago, the official YouTube channel of Showtime uploaded a video containing the official date announcement for the seventh season of Billions drama series.

Click the link above to watch the official YouTube video of the Billions Season 7 release date announcement.

Final Thoughts 

‘Billions’ is one of the best American drama series that combines money and a power struggle between a federal attorney and a hedge fund manager who can do anything to protect his wealth.  

Keep checking this article for further details regarding Billions Season 7 release date, trailer, cast members, etc.