Son of a Critch Season 3, Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Son of a Critch Season 3, Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Son of Critch is one of the best Canadian Comedy Shows, created by well-known creators Tim McAuliffe and Mark Critch. The entire Son of Critch show was based on the story Son of a Critch, which Mark Critch narrated. Also, the series has huge fan followers, bringing so many tears of joy into their fans’ eyes.

Although the popularity of the Son of a Critch series is good, if the makers plan to release more seasons of the same show, then the popularity ratio will also increase. Currently, the show’s IMDb Rating is 7.2 out of 10, which is quite impressive. 

Also, after releasing of the first two seasons, that is, Son of a Critch season one on 4th January 2022 and season two on 3rd January 2023, the viewers are now more excited to watch season 3, but still, fans didn’t get any official happening announcement for the season 3

So, in this article, we provide all the latest updates regarding Son of a Critch Season 3, including its cast member, storyline, release date, etc.

Son of a Critch Season 3 Cast Member:

Dear crazy fans of Son of a Critch, I completely understand your excitement about knowing the list of star casts for the forthcoming season. Still, we must do something with an official declaration.

So, here we have shared the expected list of cast members who will be a part of Son of a Critch Season 3 if it happens.

  • Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as Mark Critch, 
  • Nicole Underhay as Suzanne
  • Richard Clarkin as Dick Dunphy
  • Daisy Harris as Tina
  • Nora McLellan as Sister Rose
  • Petrina Bromley as Sister Margaret
  • Mark Rivera as Ritche Perez
  • Sophia Powers as Fox
  • Colton Gobbo as Mike Critch Jr.
  • Malcolm McDowell as Patrick “Pop” Critch
  • Claire Rankin as Mary Critch
  • Mark Critch as Mike Critch

Son of a Critch Series Overview:

Son of a Critch series is one of the story-based series which Tim McAuliffe and Mark Critch especially create. This series is mainly based on a comedy-drama, which won the heart of its fans.

The beginning of the series follows the storyline of an 11-year-old boy who has an ancient spirit of the 1980s; with his better sense of humor and with the help of creative skills, he won the heart of their near and dear ones.

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Also, fans have seen that the boy first finds difficulties connecting with others, but as he makes a few changes, everyone starts talking with him. Also, the child is full of emotions and has a very soft heart.

But, due to his nature, he now quickly connects with other people living in their surrounding areas.

Now, after watching season 1 and season 2 of the series, all the fans demand it’s season 3. Still, the production team needs to open up with any latest information regarding the happening of Son of a Critch Season 3.

Son of a Critch Series Creators Team:

Son of a Critch series is well-created by Mark Critch and Tim McAuliffe. This series has all the top-rated celebrities, including Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Sophia Powers, Malcolm McDowell, Claire Rankin, etc. Andrew Barnsley is this series’s executive producer and a single producer.

Most of the part of Son of a Critch was shot in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador, one of the largest Canadian provinces.

And the makers have taken the help of Project 10 production company and Take the Shot Production company to make such a comedy series. It is officially released on its CBC original networks.

Son of a Critch Season 3 Expected Storyline:

We all know that the Son of a Critch Season 2 is recently released, and after season 2, the makers have not shared any news regarding its forthcoming season.

But the thing is, the makers are very patiently waiting for its upcoming season and also to know about the storyline for the same.

So, guys, you have to wait for a few more months as we have not received any information about the series happening.

So, as and when the makers make any official announcement related to the upcoming season, we will surely provide you with the latest update. 

Son of a Critch Season 3 List of Episodes:

The Son of a Critch Season 2 was released on 3rd January 2023 with 13 episodes. So, here we are going to talk about the ending part of season 2, along with its list of episodes, which includes;

  • Episode 01: “Growing Apart”
  • Episode 02: “You’re Dead After School.”
  • Episode 03: “Feast or Famine”
  • Episode 04: “Beer Necessities”
  • Episode 05: “Family Tree”
  • Episode 06: “Who Dares Dare Hudaro?”
  • Episode 07: “The Perfect Storm”
  • Episode 08: “Spirit Week.”
  • Episode 09: “European Vacation”
  • Episode 10: “Old Friends, New Friends”
  • Episode 11: “People Visit”
  • Episode 12: “Details are Scanty.”
  • Episode 13: “Halley’s Comet”

Now, the fans are also expecting that if there is season 3, it will also have 13 episodes, but still, fans have to wait for a few more months to know the exact information about season 3.

Son of a Critch Season 3 Release Date:

Unfortunately, the makers have not released any confirmation news about the happening of season 3, but don’t worry, guys.

We will surely update you with all the latest information as and when we get it from any of its official sources. 

Also, by seeing the release date of the previous two seasons of the Son of a Critch series, we can predict that, if there is a season 3 of the Son of a Critch, it will also be going to release on January 2024. But it is just a prediction and not confirmed news. 

Do you know where to Watch Son of a Critch Season 2?

Fans’ favorite comedy series, Son of a Critch, was first released on its official releasing platform, CBC streaming platform, on 3rd January 2023. 

And, right now, the fans can watch the entire season 1 of Son of a Critch on an iciTouTv. But Netflix is currently not open for a Son of a Critch series.

Son of a Critch Season 3 Trailer:

As far as we know, the Son of a Critch season 2 was a recently released series, and after that, the makers have yet to confirm anything about its next part, so we dont have any trailer updates for the same.

But there is nothing to disappoint, as we are providing you a trailer link to its earlier season, Son of a Critch season 2, by seeing which you will enjoy.

Final Words:

Son of a Critch is one of the outstanding Canadian comedy-drama series created by Mark Critch and Tim McAuliffe. The series is full of comedy and joy that bring tears of joy into the eyes of their fans.

Also, many life-learning lessons are attached to this series. Fans greatly appreciate the role of every actor appearing in this series, as they have put so much effort into making the fans happy.

After the release of Season 1 and Season 2, the viewers started expecting more from the series creators, and its forthcoming season is also in high demand.

But the makers recently have no plan to make the trio of the series, which might be disappointing news for the fans, but still, it needs to be confirmed from the side of production team members.

But here in this article, we have shared all the essential information about the forthcoming season of Son of a Critch, through which at least you get a basic idea about season 3.

Also, please watch our websites, as we update you daily with the latest information about the upcoming season and series. And. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know in our website’s comment section.


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