Solo Leaving Season 2 : What you can expact From Chapter 150

Solo Leaving Season 2: What you can expect From Chapter 150

The series named solo leaving is very much interesting for the audience. The fans are very much excited to know more about the upcoming episode of the series.

The people want to know what will happen in the next episode of the series. However, the series makers make it very large for the audience of the series. The makers make almost two seasons of the series named Solo Leaving.

Right now, the second part of the series is running. That means the series named Solo leaving season 2 is running on the television. We are here to give you the information about the upcoming episode story and our assumption about the series.

Solo Leaving Season 2 Episode 150:

In the last episode, you have watched that the seven-star hunter is arranging a meeting for the persons who have acting in the series as they do not appear in the meeting.

In the next episode, the seven-star hunter has attended the meeting. During the meeting, the seven-star hunter asked the member about Sung Jinwoo’s relation with the monsters.

As we know that the seven-star hunter has asked about the connection, the chief of the meeting has replied and told everything that they want to know. Then the seven-star hunter gets their answer, and they are leaving the meeting.

Everyone is leaving from the meeting, but Mr. White and Sung Jinwoo do not leave the meeting. After the meeting, they are talking about the seven-star hunter. In their talking, they were talking about a seven-star hunter that he is not against with the Sung Jinwoo.

He also added that he would also not fight with the Sung. After the meeting talk, Sung goes to their room. In his room, his bodyguard is waiting for him, and they are making them wait for a while.

After some time, he is come to know that upgraded Norma Sellner is also in his room. He finds the attention of Norma Sellner as she is in his room. After that, Sung speaks to Norma Sellner that he is not expecting her at this time.

He never thinks that she is doing business with him. During their conversation, Norma also reveals that one day she got a vision about him. In their vision, she has seen that someone will hunt the top hunter.

Solo Leaving season 2: Release Date Chapter 150

As your wait is coming to over now. Chapter 150 of the series Solo leaving season 2 is going to release on Thursday. The date of the release is 5 May 2021. You just have to wait for some days. After that, you will get the next episode of the Solo Leaving.