Should We Stop Dating During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to make drastic changes to our lifestyle, where making progress in our dating life seems impossible. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’re probably thinking what’s the point of forming bonds with others or if it’s possible to have one in the first place. 

The use of dating websites or apps has increased tremendously in the past few months. This tells us that many folks haven’t given up yet on finding love despite these difficult times. Nothing should stop us from pursuing our happiness and bringing new people into our lives.

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Dating is much better now, says experts

No kissing, holding hands, or making out? Where’s the fun from that? Many folks can’t stand being away from their significant others for a long time. This may cause the relationship to fall apart. After all, nothing beats the feeling of being close to your loved one. 

Our current situation shouldn’t stop us from meeting new people and entering relationships. In fact, this is the right time to explore and develop creative ways on strengthening our bonds!

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You have more time to get to know each other

Given our circumstances, your relationship progress may take a while. There are no theme park or fancy restaurant dates and hotel sleepovers for who knows how long. It’s completely alright, though. 

Experts said that the way of dating reverted back to old times. The best part is that you and your potential partner can have more talks about your preferences, life goals, and deeply know each other before going out on real dates.   

Money is out of the topic

Since normal dates are not allowed for the meantime, you don’t have to spend your savings on restaurant bills, gifts, flowers, etc. Almost all online dating platforms are 100% free, and you can have a talk with anyone anytime, anywhere you want. It’s all about forming a strong connection with others and finding the right partner for you.  

Increased intimacy and sexual desires

Physical contact is one of the best ways to show our affection. However, the strict health protocols being imposed by the government prohibits us from having our much-needed intimate moments.

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Without meeting our significant other, the feeling of longing and desire for our significant other intensifies over time. This makes every moment with them more special and memorable than every.

You can be yourself

During your online dates, you don’t have to wear something impressive. You can be simple and express your true self. You can simply wear your favorite casual clothes and sit somewhere comfortable.

You will have more options than before  

Dating sites or apps give you the opportunity to meet, talk, and mingle with people who you might not be able to meet in real life. Now that everyone can’t have fun outside, more folks are searching for potential partners through social media sites and other digital channels.

Avoid the pressure from having physical contact

Have you felt pressured to kiss your date or do anything intimate? Through digital platforms, you can get to know someone while feeling safe and secured.

The challenges

Keeping your relationship happy and healthy can be very difficult during the pandemic. This is why staying connected with each other is highly important. Being honest and responsive at all times can help get through these hard times.

Embracing the “new normal” in dating

Experts claimed that dating will mostly take place on online platforms in the coming months since meetups are risky. But if you need to meet someone personally, make sure to follow the health protocols to ensure your safety.

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It is indeed a difficult situation to love or find the right person for you. However, during these times, we also need someone who can join us in deep talks and help us vent out our feelings.

There is nothing wrong about trying out new ways to start a relationship. You might consider that these unconventional methods are better for you.