Selling Sunset Season 7 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, and Everything You Need To Know

Selling Sunset Season 7 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, and Everything You Need To Know

Selling Sunset is an American Famous reality show with vast fan followers created by Adam DiVello, and the entire series is available on their original streaming platform, Netflix. The series has become fans’ favorite since 2019 the first season was released. The creators successfully released season 6 on 19th May 2023; there are many possibilities for the happening of Season 7, but we all have to wait a bit longer, as the makers have not declared anything about Selling Sunset Season 7.

But still, by seeing the viewer’s excitement, here in this article, we have added all the essential information about Selling Sunset Season 7, including the IMDb ratings that are 6.6 out of 10, its release date, trailer, cast members, and much more. 

Now, let’s start the discussion of the article Selling Sunset Season 7 by knowing the release date.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Release Date:

Selling Sunset is one of the fan’s favorite American Reality, created by Adam DiVello, with very talented cast members in their team, such as Mary Fitzgerald, Brett Oppenheim, Heather EI Moussa, etc.  And, with the fan’s tremendous love and support, this reality show recently released its season 6 on 19th May 2023.

As season 6 is recently released, the makers need a few more days to decide whether to make a further series season. But not to worry, guys, because we are constantly connected with all the official websites of the series, we will surely update you when we get any news about the happening of season 7.

Selling Sunset Series Summary:

Selling Sunset is an American Real estate reality show which Adam DiVello created. The show mainly surrounds the plot of Oppenheim Group, a well-known real estate firm in Los Angeles.

Not only this, but the show also covers the personal and professional life of a Real estate group, where the individual has to deal with lots of challenges and more. Also, as the series is constantly making success, the audiences were eagerly waiting to know what will happen in its next season and who will be the new cast members. 

Selling Sunset Season 7 Expected Storyline:

At the present moment, we are not having any updates about Selling Sunset Season 7 because the makers have recently completed the production work of Season 6; now they all are analyzing their fan’s responses, and then after, they will reveal Season 7.

So, until that moment, we cannot make any guesses, as it is a reality show. But, if there is season 7 of the series, it will be far better than all the six seasons. So, let’s wait and watch what the makers have decided about making Selling Sunset Season 7.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast Members:

We already knew that Selling Sunset is one of the Reality show, so we are not having any accurate information related to the cast members because the makers were frequently making changes to the list of cast members, just like they have added Nicole Young, and Bre Tiesi, in the season 6 of the series.

Likewise, there is a high probability of adding new cast members in the yet not decided season 7. So, here we are sharing with you the names of a few trendy cast members from this series, out of which you get a chance to see three to four faces in season 7.

  • Brett and Jason Oppenheim
  • Heather Rae El Moussa (née Young)
  • Christine Quinn
  • Mary Fitzgerald
  • Davina Potratz
  • Amanza Smith
  • Maya Vander
  • Chrishell Stause
  • Romain Bonnet
  • Bre Tiesi
  • Vanessa Villela
  • Nicole Young
  • Emma Hernan

Yet those mentioned above are the names of some famous cast members, and the exact season 7s list will be released once the makers share the confirmed news of Selling Sunset Season 7. 

Selling Sunset Season 7 List of Episodes:

As we stated above, it is a reality show, so it took a lot of work to predict the exact number of episodes. But, we have seen that Selling Sunset seasons 5 and 6 both have 11 episodes in each season; based on that, we predict that if there is Selling Sunset Season 7, then it will also have 11 episodes in it.

But, as we have yet to get any updates about Selling Sunset, we cannot share the exact list of episodes for the same. Here we are sharing with you the list of episodes of Selling Sunset Season 6, along with the titles, so those who have yet to see the newly released season 6 may get a basic idea about each episode’s plot by their titles. 

  • Episode 01: “I Wanted to Hate You”
  • Episode 02: “TBD on Bre”
  • Episode 03: “Old Deals Die Hard”
  • Episode 04: “Between You and Bre”
  • Episode 05: “Miss Management”
  • Episode 06: “Mary in The Middle”
  • Episode 07: “If You Can’t Stand The Heat…”
  • Episode 08: “Bre Bites Back”
  • Episode 09: “Lawsuits and Listings”
  • Episode 10: “Something’s Gotta Give”
  • Episode 11: “It’s Not Worth It”

Selling Sunset Season 7 Production Team:

Selling Sunset is an American Reality show created by Adam DiVello, who teams up with very talented starring members, such as Mary Fitzgerald, Heather EI Moussa, Jason Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, Maya Vander, Romain Bonnet, Vanessa Villela, and many more who worked hard to make this reality show successful, and also earned fame from their fans.

Also, this company has well connected with the two production companies, Lionsgate Television and the Done and Done Production companies. And as of now, the makers have successfully released 56 episodes of the series, and there is a high possibility of releasing a few more if the creators release season 7.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Latest Updates (2023):

Selling Sunset Series is another famous American Reality show with worldwide fans and followers. The series mainly follows the plot of a real-estate group who have to balance their personal and professional life here in this show and maintain a better relationship.

The series completed season 6 on 19th May 2023; and also, based on current updates, we came to know that the production work of the Selling Sunset Season 7 is already started; but the makers also have made many changes to their cast members list, like this time the audiences will not get a chance to watch Heather Rae El Moussa who just come back from her maternity leave, but the makers didn’t call her for the season 7.

Also, there are fewer possibilities of Vanessa Villela, Maya Vander, and Christine Quinn to be a part of Selling Sunset Season 7.

Other than this, we are still looking for some more updates, so as and when we get any, we will surely share them with you all guys. 

Where to Watch Selling Sunset Season 7? 

Well, as we all know, Selling Sunset season 6 was a newly released season of the series, and so the makers need some time to decide whether to make a season 7.

But, until the final decision is declared by Selling Sunset creators, the viewers can watch all 56 episodes from only on its Netflix Streaming platform.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Trailer:

Unfortunately, guys, you all have to wait long because the makers have just released Season 6 of the series on May 2023. But you can keep a constant touch with the Netflix sites to watch any newly released videos of the Selling Sunset series.

Otherwise, the viewers can also re-look at the Selling Sunset Season 6 trailer, whose link is already given above.

Bottom Lines:

Selling Sunset is one of the excellent American Reality shows since 2019, which Adam DiVello created. And the primary coverage of this reality show is all about the real estate personalities who had achieved massive fame from the side of their fans by giving an excellent performance. 

And finally, after releasing Selling Sunset Season 6 of the series, the makers still need time to decide whether to bring another season. So, in this article, we have added all the latest information about Selling Sunset Season 7, including its release date, cast members, and much more.

Hopefully, you guys are enjoying reading our articles. Also, stay connected to our website to get all the latest information about any newly released series or seasons.