SCAM 1992 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

SCAM 1992 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

What can we write about this show? Any combination of letters can’t justify this shows work on acting, directing, music, story, pace, which was marvelous, fantabulous, mind-blowing, captivating blah blah …. this show was based on Harshad Mehta life who had done much fraud, yes, he has done fraud of Giganotosaurus amount of 500 crores in the 90s.

Well, one said, “cheating is not a crime but caught while cheating is a crime,” and this show also caught us the whole world, especially India. And who had committed this crime is Pratik Gandhi, AKA Harshad Mehta.

SCAM 1992 Season 2 Release Date

What he has done for this can’t be explained how much he had invested himself for this is very appreciable. It is must be required help prepared for both mentally and physically from portraying a man in his 20`s to early 50s it is a callous task well he has performed it very well.

Director Hansal Mehta (who also gave hit films before like Shahid, Aligarh, omerta for shahid. He got the national award for direction) has also captured in-camera very well.

Pratik Gandhi rose to prominence from Gujrati cinema, and Hansal Mehta started his carrier in television. This shows supporting actors, as well as actress, has done their job perfectly.

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This shows theme song has played a vital role in shows success. Every person’s caller tune was this song. It was very organic and natural. Well, we have seen the first season, but what about another one.

It is good to hear that another scam is coming to you. Yes, makers have announced a second season based on Abdul Karim Helgi, which happed in early 2000. that scam much bigger than in 1992. That scam was about 20000 crores.

It is inspiring to see this amount of money involved well. This show will also create this hype well. It depends on the maker s, and I am sure that they will justify this story beautifully, so who was Abdul Karim? Tell them he was from Karnataka.

He started his journey by exporting people to Saudi Arabia by faking their documents. After that, he started to counterfeit stamp paper, which leads his jail for 30 years, and takes his last breath. In 2017 he died due to multiple organ failures. It is a good story to be told.

But what about the cast who will be seen this season? Well, that has not been declared yet, but we will see Pratik Gandhi definitely, so this one should also have a chase between Harshad Mehta and such Dalal. it should that what makes it a better story and captivating stay tuned for more updates

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