On My Block Season 4 Release Date to be Announced by September 2021

On My Block Season 4 Release Date to be Announced by September 2021

On My Block is about four teenage friends who deal with dangers surrounding the low-income city of Los Angeles and help get their friend out of the gang and the show showcases their life struggles within poverty, racism, and imminent danger.

On My Block Season 4

We know that there’s a time jump, as mentioned in the season 3 finale, and all friends are now grown up. Season 3 wrapped on a perfect cliffhanger note that has kept fans anticipating for the following season.

The sudden suspense in the wood, which showed Oscar walking out alive, has raised many questions in the viewer’s mind. And they can’t wait to have them answered and witness how the story unfolds.

On My Block Season 4 Release Date

On My Block Season, 4 is the final season of the show, one of the cast members has shared a picture of the wrap-up party.

Considering the show has been wrapped up, we can expect season 4 to be released by 2022 or by the earliest 2021. Therefore, the release date of the show can be announced by September 2021.

On My Block Season 4 Cast

On My, Block has attracted lots of audiences for their plotlines and meaningful actions for friendship. People absolutely adore the cast and can’t wait to see them last time. The cast of the show are as follows:-

“Monse Finnie” is the primary protagonist of the show. Sierra Capri portrays her. The deuteragonists of the show are Jamal Turner (Brett Gray), Ruben (Jason Genao).

The tertiary character of the show is Cesar Diaz (Diego Tinoco), and one of the main characters is Oscar Diaz (Julio Macias). Recurring characters include Marisol Martinez as Abuelita, Chivo played by Emilio Rivera, and more characters from the previous seasons.