Kuruthi: Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Movie will not Release on OTT platform

Kuruthi: Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Movie will not Release on the OTT platform

Pruthviraj Sukumaran is a multi-talented star of the film industry, and they are making the film by his choice.

The people are very much like him. The fans and the audience of the film industry are going to release the movie named Kuruthi.

The moviemakers and the directors of the movie have to make the movie, and Kuruthi is going to entertain the fans and audience.

Kuruthi: Theater Release Date

The most awaited movie from the south Indian film industry is the movie named Kuruthi.

In the movie, the most awaited star is Pruthviraj Sukumaran is doing g acting in the movie. He is doing his best in the movie, and they are trying to keep entertaining to the audience. Because of his actions, he has a huge fan base in the country.

He has more than a million fan bases in the country. The fans are waiting for his replay. But due to his huge fan base, he is not giving any replay to him.

Now, the people are waiting for the movie of his favorite superstar. There are many rumors about the movie release date.

Some reports say that the movie will release this year only, but due to the covid-19 lockdown in the country, the movie is not releasing this year.

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Some expert says that the director of the movie is releasing this movie by the next month only.

However, from the movie makers’ side or the director’s side, there are not any official announcements. Some reports and rumors are also saying that the movie will release on the OTT platform.

The name of the OTT platform is Amazon Prime Video. After listening to this news about the release on the OT platform, the fans and the audience of the movie is very happy to know about the news.

But the director, movie makers, and the producers of the movie have cleared the matter about the release of the movie on the OT platform.

The director of the movie named Kuruthi has cleared that the movie will not release on the OTT platform.

Amazon Prime has not purchased any rights from the moviemakers, or directors, or producers of the movie.

The people have to wait for some time to watch the movie on the silver screen as we know that right now, India is fighting with the covid -19 pandemic.

Due to the covid -19 pandemic, many people have lost their life. The main earning member of the family has lost their life, so the people need financial help and other medical help from the government.

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However, the government is helping very well, but due to the increase in infarction, the government has banned all the cinema halls and all the theaters from the nation for public use.

Now according to the director of the movie, the movie will release on the silver screen only. When the director of the movie has announced, the movie will release on the silver screen.

Only then all the rumors that are spread on this movie release date are destroyed. The movie has to make the audience entertained.

And the director of the movie has decided the release date and the destroy all the routers abut the movie.

Finally, the moviemakers have announced the release date of the movie name Kuruthi. The people are longly waiting for the movie release date, and finally, the day comes.

The director of the movie has tweeted the release date of the movie, and it is the 13th May 2021.

The director also said that the movie would release in the cinema hall and all the theaters of the nation.l however, the movie will be released on any OTT platform of the nation.