KGF 2 Release Date – What to expect?

KGF Chapter 2 Story Leak
KGF Chapter 2 Story Leak

Whichever state you may belong to, but if you are a movie lover then you must have known the blockbuster success of the KGF 2 Teaser. It has crossed 175+ million views on YouTube and still counting.

When the first part of KGF was released the film doesn’t have any of the hype it has now for part 2. Many people in other states don’t even know who Yash is. Even many heroes of other languages might not know him. But part 1 of the film KGF made every head turn towards the film.

KGF Chapter 1 made multiple records in the box office all around India and in overseas also. Thus the expectation for the film has risen tenfold. Every fan of KGF was very eager to know the release date of the squeal. And finally, the release date has arrived.

The film unit has planned to release the squeal on 16th July 2021. The movie is originally produced in Kannada and will be released in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi on the same release date. This movie is a PAN India release.

Initially, the movie was planned to be released earlier. Since Corona has blocked the opening of theatres for more than 6 months the release date has been postponed and finally ended up with this date.

Obviously, Yash stares as the lead role “Rocky”. The director Prasanth Neel has told in an interview that the story for part 2 was already written before even part 1 is released. He also added that he will stick with the same story and will not alter it just because the movie has reached new heights.

Only then the original flavor of the movie will be retained as it is. But still, Neel has roped in some of the big stars inside the film to increase the hype in the states where those people are stars. This will give the film some boost in those states.

The director Neel has told the Sanjay Dutt was their first and last choice for the Adheera character since the character is written. But he also added Raveena Tandon and Prakash raj as a new entry to the crew. Hope they have a height weightage role.

Fun Fact: Since the announcement of the release date of KGF 2, Actor Yash’s fans have written a letter to the Prime Minister of India requesting to declare the release day 16th July 2021 as a National holiday.

That caught the attention of the media. Even the national media got it covered in their news. It made headlines in all the entertainment news sections. This gave very big publicity to the film release. Though the petition is made for fun it gave the film a big publicity boost.

KGF Chapter 1 Watch

In an award function actor, Yash shared with the fans that the character Rocky was crazy in KGF 1 but he is crazier in chapter 2. This raised the excitement of the fans. Let’s also wait for the release of KGF Chapter 2.