How To Watch the San Francisco 49ers Game Today 

How To Watch the San Francisco 49ers Game Today 

Even after encountering unfortunate events like injuries last season, the San Francisco 49ers conquered the Super Bowl, in which two professional football teams play games. 

Since streaming platforms have started providing sports channel facilities, millions of sports enthusiasts are looking for a cable alternative to watch live National Football Games. If you are also one of them, we have good news. Read on to learn how to watch the San Francisco 49ers game today, the gaming schedules of the 49ers, and many more. 

What is the San Francisco 49ers Game?

Before directly diving into the process of watching the San Francisco 49ers Game, let’s look at the game briefly. San Francisco 49ers games are part of a professional American football team in the San Francisco Bay Area

In addition to that, the San Francisco 49ers play in the National Football League from the West Division. Also, when it comes to one of the most intense rivalries of the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers often put against the Las Angeles Rams, so many people are always looking for a match between the two teams.  

How To Watch San Francisco 49ers Game DirecTV Streams

If you are in the United States and fond of NFL games, you may know the importance of the DirecTV Stream services. However, most NFL games are on streaming platforms like CBS,  ESPN, NBC, and FOX. 

Apart from that, DirecTV Stream also provides 75 channels in an entertainment plan that will cost you around $75 a month. If you want to use NFL Network, you will need a Choice Plan worth $100 of DirecTV Streams. Here, DirecTV provides a five-day free trial to new users. 

San Francisco 49ers Game Today on Fubo TV 

Fubo TV is another alternative to DirecTV Stream services to watch your favorite 49ers games. Since the platform allows you to use NFL Network, FOX, ABC, CBS, ESPN, and an additional 100 plus live channels, Fubo TV is one of the most appropriate ways to watch the NFL Preasons. 

Like DirecTV Streams, Fubo TV will also cost you around $75 a month; with the subscription, you will get numerous Live TV channels to watch preseason and regular seasons. 

Moreover, it is also pocket-friendly compared to a cable package. On the one hand, you get a five-day trial in DirecTV Stream; Fubo TV offers you a 7-day free trial service. 

How to Watch the 49ers Games Online?

Apart from the streaming services platforms like DirecTV Stream and Fubo TV, you must access the local broadcast channels if you are looking for the 49ers’ market platforms. It includes Hulu, NFL+, YouTube TV, Paramount+, and many others. 

Now, if we consider Hulu Live TV for the 49ers games, it offers ample Live TV channels. Whether it is ESPN, FOX, CBS, ABC, or NFL Network, you can access all the channels of Live TV at an affordable cost of $69.99 a month. 

Not only that, here you will also get several other facilities too. It comes with unlimited cloud DVR storage, where you can save recordings for up to nine months, six customizable profiles, etc. 

San Francisco 49ers Game Schedule 2023 

Here is the complete schedule of the San Francisco 49ers 2023 NFL Schedule. 

Week  Date  Time  Teams Platforms
Preseasons  19/08/2023  08:30 PM  49ers VS. Broncos Local
Preseasons  25/08/2023  10:00 PM 49ers Vs. Chargers  NFL Network
01 10/09/2023 01:00 PM Steelers VS. 49ers  FOX
02 17/09/2023 04:05 PM Rams Vs. 49ers  FOX
03 21/09/2023 08:15 PM 49ers VS. Giants  Prime
04 01/10/2023 04:25 PM 49ers VS. Cardinals  FOX
05 08/10/2023  08:20 PM 49ers VS. Cowboys NBC
06 15/10/2023  01:00 PM  Browns Vs. 49ers  FOX
07 23/10/2023 08:15 PM  Vikings Vs. 49ers  ESPN 
08 29/10/2023  04:25 PM  49ers VS. Bengals  CBS
09 05/11/2023
10 12/11/2023 01:00 PM Jaguars Vs. 49ers  FOX
11 19/11/2023  04:05 PM  49ers VS. Buccaneers FOX
12 23/11/2023 08:20 PM Seahawks Vs. 49ers  NBC
13 03/12/2023  04:25 PM  Eagles Vs. 49ers  FOX
14 10/12/2023 04:05 PM 49ers Vs. Seahawks  FOX
15 17/12/2023  04:05 PM  Cardinals Vs. 49ers  CBS
16 25/12/2023 08:15 PM 49ers Vs. Ravens  ABC
17 31/12/2023  01:00 PM  Commanders Vs. 49ers  FOX 
18 07/01/2023  12:00 AM  49ers Vs. Rams 

Final Thoughts 

So that’s how you can watch the 49ers Games on platforms like DirecTV Stream and Fubo TV. However, if you also have a Hulu or YouTube Plus Subscription, you can access a wide range of channels, including ESPN, CBS, ABC, FOX Networks, and many others.

So what are you waiting for? Choose a plan and enjoy the National Football Leagues on your device. Lastly, bookmark this page to revisit the match schedules.


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