How has SEO Increased Business Sales in the market?

The most common definition of SEO is that your website is well optimized to rank in the Google search results. But, rankings don’t matter when it comes to sales as the ultimate goal of every business is to generate sales and revenue. From a marketing view, even the top-ranking site is not valuable if it doesn’t generate sales. Here comes the role of SEO strategy.

Here are some findings:

  • Search engines generate 90% of aggregate traffic on the web
  • As compared to other marketing methods, 57% of B2B marketers opt for SEO.
  • Before making a big purchase, 81% of people refer to search engines for research.
  • About 64% of Internet users rely on search engines for buying anything.

How SEO Increases Business Sales 

  • Generates a high number of visitors

In order to generate business, it is important to gain exposure. So, you’ll have to try different marketing methods to gain traffic over your web. Nowadays, many businesses rely on SEO for marketing.

The importance of SEO is highlighted by the fact that 90% of traffic goes to websites on the first page and 60% goes to the top three search results on the first page. Higher traffic means higher leads and higher conversions.

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If you implement an effective SEO strategy or get the best SEO services from a top SEO company like TechMagnate, your website will always receive substantial traffic.

Content on your website also plays an important role in generating traffic. You should always use unique and original content that is contained with suitable keywords. If the content is duplicated, search engines won’t recommend and penalize such sites with lower rankings. Could use anti-plagiarism tools to check duplicate content before posting on your website.

  • Provide excellent traffic quality

SEO generates organic traffic. This means that your website visitors haven’t been influenced by a banner ad on a social media platform or a display ad on an online forum to land up on your website.

These visitors were searching for something specific on a search engine like Google and your website was one of the search results.  Hence, these users would have felt that your website has to offer what they were searching for.

So they visit your website with the intention of consuming your offering (which could either be a product or service or content). Since this audience already has the intention of consuming your offering, the chances of these users converting into customers are high. Thus you can bank on SEO to deliver high-quality traffic.

  • Boosts credibility
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Certain users still believe that being featured on the first page of Google is also a badge of credibility. Therefore they are likely to trust your business as compared to your competitors. This would influence them to visit your website and transact.

  • Giving importance to local sales

The importance of local SEO has gone up significantly over the years. Incidentally, 30% of mobile searches have local intent. Users are likely to become customers if the provider of the product or service they are looking for is located close by. Search engines like Google understand this and hence are keen to deliver localised search results to appropriate queries by users.

If you select a top SEO company like Techmagnate to help you manage your SEO strategy, they would help you craft a comprehensive SEO strategy which would take localised SEO into account.

  • Increase in Sales

An increase in sales is totally upon your SEO strategy. SEO is not something that will boost sales the very next day as it demands patience and attention. This may seem very difficult and time-consuming. But, SEO is one of the best ways to have an online presence in the market.

Even if you stop working on your website, traffic won’t stop. So, working more on your SEO strategy will always be beneficial. Chances of having more traffic and leads will continue to increase as SEO is completely endless.

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This is how SEO can help you forever:

  • It gives relevant, targeted, and organic traffic from Google search
  • It allows your business to gain more audience and exposure
  • It helps you to attract traffic that will turn into customers/clients

Do you need help with your SEO strategy?

Now, you know how important SEO is for your website. So, ask yourself some questions. Can you create a cost-effective SEO strategy? Does it generate traffic? Does your traffic convert?

After reading this article, you might have realized how good your SEO strategy is. If it’s not, you can start improving by following some tips or collaborating with our company. TechMagnate is a top SEO company with affordable SEO services.

Apart from being affordable, we try to provide individual strategies to each of our clients as per their requirements, rather than providing a single approach for all.


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