Harrison Ford a.k.a. Indiana Jones is Retiring, Says Indiana Jones 5 will be his last Indiana Jones Film

Harrison Ford a.k.a. Indiana Jones is Retiring, Says Indiana Jones 5 will be his last Indiana Jones Film

As we are getting to know about the latest news from the D23 expo, fans are surprised as well as shocked! Harrison Ford in his recent appearance at the expo revealed that Indiana Jones 5 is going to be his last franchise series and he is done with the legendary role. 

Harrison Ford Made the Announcement

At the D23 Expo, Harrison Ford discussed how he is now “last time” wearing the leather jacket and fedora for the 5th part. Indiana Jones’ iconic dress code along with the jacket and fedora are the things that make him Indiana Jones, with a load of courage of course. 

He also thanked the fans for having such an amazing experience. He also added he is “proud to say that this role is fantastic.” He was joined by his co-stars as well as the director. Phoebe Waller-Bridge was present along with James Mangold. James took over for the franchise director Steven Spielberg and will be directing the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. 

It was an Emotional Moment!

While making the statement, the 80-year-old actor was quite emotional. While he was talking about the fifth part of the film, the audience quickly cheered up and made him smile. He also said how he felt about Indiana Jones movies as they are not just about the mystery and fantasy but also how they show a human story through them. 

Indiana Jones 5 Trailer Release

The official trailer for the upcoming film has not yet been released but is expected to be released soon. As the trailer gets released, the makers of the film will be sharing it over various social media platforms for fans. Viewers from many countries are already awaiting the trailer for the movie. There was a special screening of the first look at the Expo. It was an exclusive screening for the D23 expo itself and is not made public. 

Indiana Jones 5 Release Date

One of the most awaited movies will be released by 20th June 2023. Fans have been waiting for such mystery thriller movies for a long time. Additionally, when the star cast adds roles as iconic as Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones, it has got everything in it that is worth the wait.