For Life Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, and Everything

For Life Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, and Everything

For Life is an American legal drama tv series. The series For Life includes crime, drama, thriller, and legal drama. It has received a positive response from the audience.

It has received 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb. Let’s get all the details about the third season of the series For Life.

For Life Season 3 Release Date:

The series For Life was canceled after two seasons in May 2021. ABC canceled the series For Life after two seasons on 14th May 2021.

So, there are fewer chances of the announcement of the third season of the series For Life. The first season of the series For Life was aired from 11th February 2020 to 12th May 2020 on ABC.

The series For Life’s second season aired on ABC from 18th November 2020 to 24th February 2021.

If we get any update about the release date of For Life Season 3, we will add it here. Let’s watch the trailer for the third season of the series For Life.

For Life Season 2 Storyline Overview:

For Life Season 2 got 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb. At the end of the second season of the series For Life, we have seen that after Roswell and Aaron agree to help a young woman facing deportation for a minor crime, and they find that her case could be a key to exposing a broad pattern of police corruption; and later Jasmine starts to spend more time at the house of Ronnie.

On the other hand, after an urgent call from Bellmore concerning the growing pandemic, Aaron enlists the help of Safiya as well as heads back to the prison in order to investigate; and later, Marie has to make a decision between exposing her family to the virus and going all-in at the hospital.

Later, Aaron takes on the case of an unarmed man who was shot by a police officer, and after that, Safiya represents Ronnie after he has been arrested as well as roughed up by law enforcement; and the family tries to struggle with whether to have Aaron Jr. baptized.

After that, Aaron faces pressure from all sides at the time when he has to make a decision which charges to bring against the officers responsible for the killing of an unarmed civilian; Safiya pursues video evidence and that could change her case.

With Marie and Aaron facing threats from an increasingly hostile community, Aaron, as well as his team, double down by pursuing criminal charges against a high-ranking police officer they believe tried to cover up the shooting.

Later, Aaron and his team also face their toughest trial yet because they try to prosecute the officers who shot as well as killed an unarmed black man. Let’s see what happens next.

For Life Season 3:

See the expected cast of For Life Season 3 below.

Actor Character
Nicholas Pinnock Aaron Wallace
Indira Varma Safiya Masry
Joy Bryant Marie Wallace
Mary Stuart Masterson Anya Harrison (season 1)
Dorian Crossmond Missick Jamal Bishop
Tyla Harris Jasmine Wallace
Glenn Fleshler Frank Foster (season 1)
Boris McGiver Glen Maskins (season 1; guest season 2)
Timothy Busfield Henry Roswell
John Doman Alan Burke (recurring season 1; starring season 2)
Brandon J. Dirden Darius Johnson
Erik Jensen Dez O’Reilly
50 Cent Cassius Dawkins
Peter Greene Wild Bill Miller
Felonious Munk Hassan Nawaz
Joseph Siravo Jerry McCormack
Matt Dellapina Tom Hansen
Toney Goins Ronnie Baxter
Sean Boyce Johnson Scotty Williams
Royce Johnson Andy Josiah and Marcel’s father (season 2)
Amina Robinson Elaine Josiah, Andy’s wife, and Marcel’s mother
Jace Bently Marcel Josiah, Andy and Elaine’s son (season 2)


Let’s see the list of episodes of For Life Season 3.

For Life Season 3 List of Episodes:

The first season of the series For Life includes a total of 13 episodes titled Pilot, Promises, Brother’s Keeper, Marie, Witness, Burner, Do Us Part, Daylight, Buried, Character and Fitness, Switzerland, Closing Statement, and Fathers.

The second season of the series For Life includes a total of 10 episodes titled Never Stop Fighting, Homecoming, The Necessity Defense, Time To Move Forward, Collars for Dollars, Collars for Dollars, 354, Say His Name, For the People, The Blue Wall, and Andy Josiah.

The length of each episode of the series For Life ranges from 43 minutes.

For Life Season 3 Makers Team:

Hank Steinberg created the series For Life. It stars Nicholas Pinnock, Indira Varma, Joy Bryant, Mary Stuart Masterson, Dorian Crossmond Missick, Tyla Harris, Glenn Fleshler, etc.

The series For Life was executively produced by Issac Wright Jr., George Tillman Jr., Alison Greenspan, Curtis – 50 Cent – Jackson, Doug Robinson, Hank Steinberg, Russell Fine, David Feige, Sonay Hoffman, and Kerry Orent.

It was made under Channel Road Productions, G-Unit Film and Television, Doug Robinson Productions, ABC Studios, ABC Signature, and Sony Pictures Television Studios.

The series For Life was written by Hank Steinberg, Issac Wright Jr., Hope Mastras, Garen Thomas, Lee Edward Colston, Sonay Hoffman, David Feige, Zach Calig, Eric Haywood, Terri Kopp, Kirk A. Moore, Karen Struck, Jake Gillman, and T. Zhang.

It was directed by Russell Lee Fine, Jono Oliver, Guillermo Navarro, Marisol Adler, Charles Martin, Darnell Martin, Debs Paterson, Hank Steinberg, George Tillman Jr., Jann Turner, Erica Watson, Laura Belsey, and Eif Rivera.

For Life Season 3 Latest Updates 2023:

For Life is a crime drama series created by Hank Steinberg; Season 1 was released on 11th February 2020 with 13 episodes; Season 2 was released on 18th November 2020 with the other ten episodes. The series is based on the true story of Isaac Wright Jr., who got punished without committing any crime.

The plot of the series is excellently created. So the audiences are highly anticipating another season of For Life. But, suddenly, the show’s makers announced a bit of shocking news: the series’s cancelation after season 2 was released. 

But, still, here, the makers may change their decision and re-announce the renewal news of For Life Season 3 in the future because of the constant demand of their viewers.

Until that moment, you can enjoy watching the two seasons of For Life series; and stay connected with our website, as we are constantly updating the latest updates about the season and series.

Where to Watch For Life Season 3?

The official streaming platform of the For Life series is ABC, so all the viewers can go through the ABC site and easily watch both seasons of For Life series.

Also, if you are so excited to learn all the latest updates, stay on the same official streaming platform.

For Life Season 3 Trailer:

At the present moment, we all are aware of the official statement about canceling the For Life series after the release of its season 2; therefore, we are not having any teaser or trailer for the same.

But not to worry, guys, because till that time being, you can take a re-look at the trailer of  For Life Season 2, which is already linked above. 


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