Fire Force Season 3, Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Fire Force Season 3, Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

In today’s world, the Japanese series touches the heart of many of its fans, and here we will discuss one such Japanese Manga series named Fire Force, which Atsushi Ohkubo created. Also, the series’ primary theme is adapted from Kodansha’s Shonen Manga magazine. And in North America, the government also permits their citizen to watch manga series, so many Japanese Manga series have been released in English, and Fire Force is also a part of it. 

If we talk about the IMDB Rating of a famous Japanese Manga series, Fire Force, it is 7.6 out of 10.

The first season of The Fire Force was released on 6th July 2019, with 24 episodes. Afterward, the makers also decided to release Fire Force Season 2, originally released on 4th July 2020. Now after successfully releasing both series, the makers have also announced that the season has been renewed. That is, they are planning to release Fire Forces Season 3 very soon.

An interesting fact about the fire force Manga series is that the author has sold 20 Million copies of its Manga magazine after the release of the Fire Force series. So, in this article, we will discuss all the essential information about Fire Forces Season 3, including its release date, storyline, and much more.

Fire Force Season 3 Cast Members:

After the Fire Force season 1 and 2, the fans eagerly await the cast member list for Season 3. According to records, the makers have yet to release official information about who will appear in Fire Force Season 3. But, by seeing both seasons of Fire Force, we have seen that most of the cast members are the same for both seasons.

So, there is a high chance that in Fire Force Season 3, fans can see the entire favorite star cast. The voice artist is also the same, including Kazuya Naka, who will give the voiceover to Akitaru Obi, and Gakuto Kajiwara, the best voiceover artist, who will provide his voiceover to Shinra Kusakabe. Aoi Yuki will do a voiceover of Tamaki Kotatsu. Kenichi Suzumura will give a voice to Takehisa Hinawa.

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Also, let’s talk about its production team. There are also slight changes in it, including the director Tatsuma Minamikawa being the director of Season 2 instead of Yuki Yase. Thus, it is also believed that Tatsume will direct the forthcoming Fire Force season.

The producer Du Yi, Hiroshi Kamei, and Chiho Tochikura will also be a part of Fire Force Season 3. The fans get the same musical entertainment they have enjoyed since the last two seasons were composed by a well-known artist Kenichiro Suehiro. 

So, this is the list of cast members who might be appearing for the Fire Force Season 3, and we will not give surety because we still need an official announcement for the final cast member.

Fire Force Season 2 Ending Overview:

Fire Force Season 2 was released on 4th July 2020, with 24 episodes. Tatsuma Minamikawa directs this entire series; every episode has a different story. Before moving ahead with Fire Force season 3, looking at its earlier series is vital, which helps the viewers for the upcoming season.

Here we will discuss the titles of each 24 episodes and the ending scene of the Fire Force Season 2, through which you can easily assume the entire storyline.

  • Episode 1: “A Fire Soldier’s Fight.”
  • Episode 2: “Flames of Madness.”
  • Episode 3: “A New Flashpoint.”
  • Episode 4: “Groping Through the Fire.”
  • Episode 5: “Corna (Sign of the Devil).”
  • Episode 6: “The Time to Choose.”
  • Episode 7: “Road to the Oasis.”
  • Episode 8: “Smoldering Malevolence.”
  • Episode 9: “The Core.”
  • Episode 10: “The Woman in Black.”
  • Episode 11: “Dark Hero.”
  • Episode 12: “Shadows Cast by Divine Light.”
  • Episode 13: “A Pair of One-Eye.”
  • Episode 14: “The Ashen Reaper.”
  • Episode 15: “A Three-Way Melee.”
  • Episode 16: “Mind Blown.”
  • Episode 17: “Boys, Be Weak.”
  • Episode 18: “The Holy Woman’s Anguish; The Man, Assault.”
  • Episode 19: “The Oze Family.”
  • Episode 20: “Weapon of Destruction.”
  • Episode 21: “Enemy Control.”
  • Episode 22: “Plot for Extinction.”
  • Episode 23: “Firecat.”
  • Episode 24: “Signs of Upheaval.”

Now, at the end of Fire Force Season 2, the fans have seen that finally, the enemies are under control, but unfortunately, Captain Hague, who is fighting along with the Special Fire Force Company 4, died at the time of battle. This tragic death highly impacted all the fire force companies and the planning.

In this situation, Shinra, a leading character, has to think about his inner strength and utilize it to save the other companies. Also, he has to manage all the final moments which Captain Hague previously handled.  

Fire Force Season 3 Expected Plot:

Fire Force Series got much fame from the side of their fans, and within a brief period, the series received many outstanding achievements. Not only that but the series is also nominated for the 45th Kodansha Manga Award.

Now, if we talk about Fire Force Season 3, it is believed that, like its previous season, the forthcoming season also has 24 episodes. And also, the upcoming season will cover another 21 to 34 volumes of the Japanese Manga magazine.

Yet, we didn’t receive any final news from the side of the maker’s team, but we can predict that all the Fire Force fans will get to see the first glimpse of the forthcoming season by the end of 2023.

Now, let’s wait and watch for the official announcement for the plot of Fire Force Season 3. 

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date:

In July 2023, fans so long wait for the Fire Force Season 3 will end. But we need to confirm the release date of Fire Force Season 3.

But as per some sources, it will be released by the summer of 2023, so keep your fingers crossed, and let’s see when the Fire Force Season 3 will release.

Where to Watch Fire Force Season 3?

All the Fire Force fans, here we have fantastic news for you, and that is about the streaming platform where you can watch the entire Fire Force series, that is on Crunchyroll, Prime Videos, Apple TV, and Hulu.

Fire Force Season 3 Trailer:

If we talk about the Fire Force Season 3 trailer release date, there has yet to be an announcement on its official website or any other social media platform.

We hope the makers will soon release the trailer date by the end of 2023. Till that duration, you can watch the trailer of Fire Force Season 2.

Final Words:

Fire Force stands in the list of one of the best Japanese Manga Series, which Atsushi Ohkubo beautifully creates. After seeing the continuous success and fans’ excitement to watch more seasons, the makers also announced its upcoming sequel, Fire Force Season 3, whose release date is yet to come.

But, according to some of the sources, it is believed that the forthcoming Fire Force season will be released during the summer of 2023hope that fans will immediately see their favorite fire force characters again.

Also, please keep your eyes on our website regularly, as we always bring all the latest information, through which you can get all the updates regarding any upcoming series or season.