Drifting Home Release date, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

Drifting Home Release date, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

Hold on to your breath, Drifting Home is just around the corner!

A die-hard anime fan is looking for new taste buds. Then you will be excited to hear what Netflix has to offer you. A film packed with fantasy and freshness in Anime.

Netflix is now pinpointing on selecting new stories and upcoming original generations for movies. It is investing in its anime audience. It has given a good pace for animations as well. This year it is bringing one fresh story from a well-known producer.

Yes, you heard it right! It has already streamed some famous anime movies on its platform. Now, the officials from Netflix have confirmed that a full-length Japanese anime movie Drifting Home, will be streamed on its platform.

The attention of Anime fans was held by the movie’s two trailers. It served well for creating curiosity and hype for the upcoming film. Being a constant audience of Netflix, they are sure what they will be served will be fresh and of apparent excellence.

 The well-known producers, scriptwriters, directors, and cast members undoubtedly played their roles in this regard.

Drifting Home Overview

When a new film is launched, it should have newness and originality. Netflix finds those hidden gems and streams them on its platform. This Japanese movie comes with the theme of friendship, and the growing age is packed with fantasy and mystery. What else do we end on a hazy summer day?

The well-known producer Studio Colorado is again with another original movie with director Hiroyasu Ishida and written by Hayashi Mori. All of them are well known for their remarkable works.

Also, this is the third movie by Studio Colorado of full length. The cast members are a well-known part of the Japanese movie industry. 

The film is based on a group of friends who are entangled with mysterious events on their visit to an old apartment. And how they find their way through them. The film revolves around friendship and coming of age.

The film will engage the audience with the characters and how they will find their way back from drifting. Or will they successfully find their way from the drifting apartment?

Drifting Home Plot

The storyline of Drifting Home begins on a summer day. Kousuke and his friend went on to visit a demolished old building. During the visit, these friends encounter some unknown phenomena they must find a way through. The plotline also revolves around friendship.

Due to the absence of inhabitants in an apartment, two friends from the group grew apart. But this old building which is to be demolished, makes way for them to come back together. The curious summer visit turns out to be tangled with bizarre events. 

And in the next event, these friends wake from a comma only to see that the building has been washed away. It is now in the middle of the sea. They have to work together to find their way from drifting from being surrounded by water.

The plot is packed with fantasy and freshness. The two trailers were released to glimpse the story little by little. 

Drifting Home Characters

The characters include Natsume, Yuzuru, Taishi, Kousoke, Reina, Juri, Yasuji, Satoko, and Noppo.

Drifting Home Cast members

The film has of the most well-known members of the Japanese industry.

Inori Minasi voiced Reina, Kana Hanazawa voiced Juri, Mutsumi Tamura said for Kousoke, Bin Shimada voiced Yasuji, Nana Mizuki voiced Satoko, Asami Seto voiced Natsume, Ayumu Murase voiced Noppo, Yumiko Kobayashi voiced Taishi, and Daiki Yamashita voiced Yuzuru.

Drifting Home Number of Episodes

The number of episodes the film contains has not been declared.

Drifting Home Running Time

The film will be running for 1 hour and 59 minutes.

Drifting Home Release Date

Netflix has announced that Drifting Home will be streamed on its platform on Friday, 16 September 2022.

Streaming Platform

Now, Netflix will officially release Drifting Home on its platform. It will also be screened in Japanese theatres.

Is this the Drifting Home Final Season?

Currently, the film has released its worldwide release date on 16 September 2022. The film has not made any announcement for the second part. Since the movie is about to be first released officially in September. We can expect a good movie on its first release.


Name of the show     Drifting Home
Number of seasons Unknown 
Number of Episodes 1
Running Time 1h 59min
Country Japan 
Language Japanese 
Genre Fantasy
Release Date 16-09-2022
Producer Studio Colorado
Directed by Hiroyashu Ishida
Written by Hayashi Mori
Network Netflix 


Wrapping Up

If you are a die-hard anime fan, Drifting Home is a must-watch for you. Anime with fantasy themes will tickle your film buds. The film is packed with famous voices and well-known directors. However, we are not aware of the English cast. But the film served will be of new and fresh touch.

So, mark the date! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there the release of any trailer for Drifting Home?

Yes. There are two trailers available for Drifting Home by Netflix.

What type of film will be Drifting Home?

The film Drifting Home is Anime of the fantasy genre.

Where to watch Drifting Home?

The film Drifting Home will be streaming on Netflix and also in theatres in Japan.

Do we know who the art director of Drifting Home is?

Kunihiko Nagae is the name associated with the art director of Drifting Home.

When will Netflix show the movie Drifting Home?

 Netflix officials confirm that Netflix will be streaming the movie Drifting Home on its platform on 16 September 2022.

Is Drifting Home an English movie?

No. Drifting Home is not an English movie. It is originally in Japanese.

Is Asami Seto the same person who worked for Raphtalia?

Yes. Asami Seto, who voiced Natume in Drifting Home, is the same person who worked for Raphtalia in The Rising of the Shield Hero.

Who has voiced the character Natume Tonai?

Asami Seto voices the character Natume Tonai in the movie Drifting Home.

Is the writer and producer of the film Drifting Home the same person?

No. The writer of Drifting Home is Hayashi Mori, and the producer of the film Drifting Home is Studio Colorado.

Is Drifting Home series?

No Drifting Home is not a series. It is a fantasy movie.

Is Drifting Home available on Amazon Prime?

No, Drifting Home will not be available on Amazon Prime. The film streaming platform is Netflix.

Will there be a third trailer for Drifting Home?

There are no announcements if the third episode of Drifting Home will be released. The film has released only two trailers.

How can I know the plot of Drifting Home?

The plot of Drifting Home starts on a summer day when Kousuke and his friends visit an old apartment. It was noticed to be demolished. However, the friends find themselves caught in some mysterious event. As the story proceeds, the audience will learn how they find their way back from the apartment, drifting away in the sea.