American Pickers Season 23 Release Date, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

American Pickers Season 23 Release Date, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

Were you following up on “American Pickers” since your childhood? Did the collectibles fascinate you also?  If yes, let’s re-explore new and antique things with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz.  

This article will let us to the plot, cast, story, and everything about America Pickers. It has become important series not only for children but also for elders. Season 23 of the series was released in January 2022. The latest episodes are Episodes 18 and 19.  

American Pickers Season 23 Overview: 

American Pickers is a reality show that is telecasted on the History channel. The series has gained immense popularity. It is a prominent series in the United States of America, but people worldwide watch and appreciate it.

The series is meant for history-loving people. Mike and Fritz search for antiques and old things, and they buy them. They renovate it and later sell it. They even keep some of the things with them. 

The series has become popular in India also.  

The series faced an issue when Frank Fitz departed from the series in July 2022.  

American Pickers Season 23 Plot: 

Two men, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have a great passion for searching for antique things. They have been doing this since 2010 when the first episode of the first season was streamed. They search peoples’ houses, gardens, beaches, barns, sheds, etc.  

Wolfe also has an interest in antique vehicles and has a collection of many vehicles, while Fritz has a keen interest in toys, oil cans, etc. Both have been picking things of their interest since their childhood.

But in the later 2000s, their interest became their profession, and they started earning goods with these antique objects. 

They have been traveling to different USA locations and searched many areas. From California to Virginia, the American Pickers cast has been traveling, exploring, searching, and renovating for the last 20 years.  

The series has gained a considerable fan base, not only in the USA but also in other parts of the world. Its 23 series have rocked television.

Episode Episode Name Air Date
1 Skateboards and Gutter Balls Sat Jan 01, 2022
2 Country Road Gold Sat Jan 08, 2022
3 Movie Magic Picking Sat Jan 15, 2022
4 The King of Signs Sat Feb 05, 2022
5 Cadillac Man Sat Feb 12, 2022
6 Picking Frisco Sat Feb 19, 2022
7 Picture Perfect Pick Sat Feb 26, 2022
8 High Speed Picking Sat Mar 05, 2022
9 Pinball Jack Sat Mar 12, 2022
10 Wolves in Wisconsin Sat Mar 19, 2022
11 Searching in Selma Sat Jul 09, 2022
12 Shelby in the Barn Sat Jul 16, 2022
13 Rocket Ray Round-Up Sat Jul 23, 2022
14 Pool Hall Picking Sat Jul 30, 2022
15 Flea Market Junkie Sat Aug 06, 2022
16 The Alabama Slamma Sat Aug 13, 2022
17 Knucklehead Blue Sat Aug 20, 2022
18 Big Bucks Bubbles Sat Aug 27, 2022
19 The Wizard’s Castle Sat Sep 10, 2022

American Pickers Season 23 Cast Members: 

The series was created by Mike Wolfe and directed by Anthony Mastanduno. The primary and only caste of the series is Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. There are no such roles as in other TV serials and web series.  

Jersey John is another character who is shown as a close friend of Mike Wolfe. They both shared a great bond of friendship and knew each other even before American Pickers. John has been shown in a few episodes. He was shown in Season 23.  

Robbie Wolfe is an American reality TV star. He has also been part of some of the episodes.

American Pickers Season 23 Number of Episodes: 

The series has 23 seasons, out of which the 23rd season is the latest one. Till now, 334 episodes have been aired. Each season has a different number of episodes. Season 23 has 19 episodes.

Every episode has one or other new thing that would attract the audience. For example, an episode of Season 14 showed a man who had not thrown anything since the 1950s.

Isn’t this wondering how someone cannot throw anything since the 1950s? Similarly, in the 16th episode of season 23, titled “Shelby in the Barn”, is when Mike and Jersey go hog wild for a pricey barn-fresh Shelby Mustang.  

Each episode has a distinct theme. They are provided with particular topics. Like “Big Bear” was the topic for the first episode of season 1, other topics included “This One Stings”, “Getting the Boot”, “Chopper King”, “Double Barn Bonanza”, and similarly, other episodes were also given a title.  

Every episode has different locations. In episode 15 of season 23, Mike and Jersy explore Alabama. In episode 8, they visited Virginia, etc. So, each episode has a different story plot.  

American Pickers Season 23 Running Time: 

American Pickers is produced by Cineflix (AP2/AP3/AP4/AP5) Inc. A&E Television Networks, LLC. Each episode of Season 23 has a duration of 60 minutes. It is telecasted on the History channel. 

American Pickers Season 23 Release Date:  

The first episode of Season 23 was streamed on 1st January 2022. Further episodes were streamed in subsequent months. The last episode of the season was streamed on 16th July 2022.

Two more episodes (18 and 19) are yet to be streamed. The release date of these two episodes is shown to be on 23 July 2022.  

All the episodes have different themes and different locations. They make its audience curious, so people get interested to know more about the history of different regions and things. 

American Pickers Season 23 Streaming platform: 

Every season of American Pickers is streamed on History Channel. Season 23 is also streamed on it.  

Will this be the American Pickers Season final season? 

One of the members of American Pickers, Frank Fritz, has left the show. But the show will not end. It will continue to be shot and streamed on the History channel. Now the episodes will be with Mike Wolfe only.     


Name of the show American Pickers
Number of Seasons 23
Number of episodes 334
Running time 60 Minutes
Country United States of America
Language English
Genre History and Knowledge
Producer Simon Lloyd, Stephen Pettinger, Julie Cooper
Director Anthony Mastanduno
Cast Mike Wolfe & Frank Fritz (not in season 23)
Streaming Channel History


Wrapping Up

Do you find it interesting to search for older things that are now antique? If yes, then put your time into this series.

The series tries to create interest in history and gives us insight into how these antique things have marked a difference between that time and the present.

This series also gives a brief knowledge about how we can make money by searching and renovating antique objects.


What is the background of “American Pickers”? 

American Pickers is a series of two men searching for antique historical things. They renovate it and then either sell it or keep it to themselves.  

How many American Pickers Season 23 episodes are there? 

Till now, the series has 334 episodes in 23 seasons.  

 Is the American Pickers Season 23 series suitable for children? 

Yes, the series is excellent not only for children but also for others. It suits swell to all age groups. People with an interest in history will surely appreciate this series. You will devote time over here instead to other movies and web series.  

As Frank Fritz left the American Pickers Season, will the series end? 

No, the series will be continued with Mike Wolfe as featuring a man. Frank Fritz’s absence may affect the audience, but now we have to see the series without him. 

Where can we watch the American Pickers Season 23 series? 

Everyone can watch this series on the History channel on their televisions. The series is only in English, but it is provided with subtitles. Subtitles will help those who are not able to understand English.