Chasing: On South OTT platform

Chasing: On the South OTT platform

The Tamil Movie is going to release on the OTT platform of south India as we are aware of the covid pandemic in India. Due to the pandemic situation, the government has banned all the activity in the nation.

All the people are advised to stay at home. In recent scenarios, a huge number of people are getting infected. They are not taking care of themselves.

The government has published the guideline about the covid patient. However, the people of India are not going to see the guideline and also do not follow them. So the government has to manage the situation to decrease the covid cases in India.

The Bollywood industry is also going to close their shooting for the move. They are also working from their him. However, shooting the movie is not possible at home, but still, they’re working on it.

Chasing: Story And Star Cast

The moviemakers that are a director whose film is ready to release are thinking about how to release their movie. However, following the current scenario, the moviemakers have another option that is the OTT platform.

There are many OTT platforms in our country. The director of the country can decide to release their movie on the OTT platform. One of the south film directors has done something for their movie.

The movie, which name is Chasing, will release on the OTT platform. The people are going to like this movie. However, the release date of the movie is 30 April 2021. So from the 30 April, the people are waiting for the movie release.

The director of the film has decided to release his movie on one of the south OTT platforms. The director of the movie has released the official statement on releasing the movie on the OTT platform.

On the date of 27 April, the director gives the official statement that the movie will be released on the date 30 April 2021, just after the three days on the south OTT platform. Earlier, this movie is scheduled to release on 16th April 2021.

Due to some technical and other problems, the director has to delay the date of the movie release date. The director of the movie is K. VeeraKumar. Veeranlakshmi SArathkumar is playing the leads role in the movie named Chasing.

However, the lead actor has huge fans on their social media account, and fans are waiting for his movie on the silver screen. Due to the pandemic situation, people can now finally see the movie on the OTT platform.