CAT Season 2 Release Date, Storyline and Everything You Need To Know

CAT Season 2, Storyline, Release Date, and Everything You Need To Know

CAT is one of the Indian Punjabi thriller series created by Balwinder Singh Janjua, Jimmy Singh, Rupinder Chahal, and Anil Rodhan. CAT is the second collaboration OTT series of the fantastic actor Randeep Hooda and the first-ever Indian Punjabi series on the Netflix OTT Platform. The series primarily focuses on revenge, in which Randeep Hooda as Gurnam Singh plays a significant role in the CAT season 1 series. 

CAT is one of the popular Netflix series, and fans mainly appreciate the acting of Randeep Hooda. Now, if we discuss the IMDB Rating of the first-ever CAT Season, it is 8.3 out of 10.

The entire CAT Season 1 was released on 9th December 2022, with eight episodes. Also, CAT Season 1 premiered on the Netflix OTT Platform. After releasing the first CAT season, the makers have officially announced that they are also coming with the upcoming CAT Season 2 in a short time, but still, no confirmed news has been disclosed.

CAT Season 2 Cast Member:

Fans always love to watch Randeep Hooda’s series because his film and series choices are at the next level. He will only choose those stories which look unique, out of which one series is CAT, which gains an 8.3 IMDB Rating just by releasing his CAT Season 1. 

Now, here we present the expected casting list of the CAT Season 2, which includes;

  • Randeep Hooda as Gurnam Singh/ Gary (Lead Character)
  • Ramandeep Yadav as Saaba
  • Abhishant Rana as Teen Gary
  • Sachin Negi as Heera
  • Danish Sood as Sunny
  • Elisha Mayor as Seher Batra
  • Survinder Vickey as Sehtab Singh
  • Eklavey Kashyap as Rocky Ranjha
  • Geeta Agarwal as Madam Aulakh
  • Manish Gulati as Monty Singh
  • Neha Pawar as Young Madam Aulakh
  • Hasleen Kaur as Sub-Inspector Babita
  • Kavya Thapar as Kimi Aulakh
  • Coral Bhamra as Sweety
  • Rehmat Ratan as Keerat Aulakh and many more characters may be a part of CAT’s upcoming season 2.

CAT Season 1 Overview:

As discussed earlier, released CAT Season 1 was on 9th December 2022. Also, CAT Season 1 was a thriller and a revenge-based series, which was well created by a writer Anil Rodhan, Balwinder Singh Janjua, Jimmy Singh, and Rupinder Chahal. 

The CAT Season 1 starts with Randeep Hooda as Gurnam, who worked as a CAT(someone who provides all the vital information about a person or organization to any agency); so in this series, Gurnam is a CAT for the police officer, when there is a revolt in Punjab in the 1990s. The primary focus of the Gurman was to save his brother Sunny, who is associated with drug peddling cases. For this purpose, Gurman started working as a CAT to collect all the information from one place and impart it to the police inspector, Sehtab Singh. 

After saving his brother, Gurman again gets an offer to work as a spy for Sehtab Singh. He gives him all the essential information about drug-peddling activities in the city. But in between this period, Gurman finds some evidence of their parent’s death, and he finds that Sehtab and Baljit Singh Rajpuria murdered his parents.

After this evidence, Gurman converted his spy chapter into revenge and started finding all the possible ways through which he can be able to take revenge for their parents’ death. So, the end of the CAT Season is converted into revenge and adds much new suspense regarding the death of Gurman’s parents. Let’s see what contemporary suspense will come in CAT Season 2.

CAT Season 1 Episode List:

The following is the title of the episodes that were part of CAT Season 1, including:

  • Episode 1 = “The Deal”
  • Episode 2 = “The Invasion”
  • Episode 3 = “The Imposter”
  • Episode 4 = “The Takeover”
  • Episode 5 = “The Crossroad”
  • Episode 6 = “The Escape”
  • Episode 7 = “The Deceit”
  • Episode 8 = “The Masterplan”

An interesting thing about the series is that all the episodes of CAT Season 1 were released on the same date, 9th October 2022. Also, each series have a 45 minutes duration.

CAT Series Production Team:

The entire CAT Season 1 was shooted in Punjab, and Jimmy Singh, Balwinder Singh Janjua, Anil Rodhan, and Rupinder Chahal’s famous writers created it. Also, the series has adopted the theme music composer of well-known artist Rakesh Vema.

CAT is originally released on Netflix and has an audio format of Dolby Digital. Also, the series has worked with a few production companies to release the series, including Jelly Bean Entertainment and Movie Tunnel Production Company. 

CAT Season 2 Expected Storyline:

As previously stated, we still need to get official information regarding the plot of CAT Season 2, so we can guess a storyline based on its earlier season, that is, CAT Season 1. 

Viewers have enjoyed the revolving mystery behind the Gurman as a spy, where he finds many truths responsible for their parent’s death. And eventually, at the end of CAT Season 1, the entire season has taken a long twist, as fans have seen that Gurman has turned himself into a revenger and now finding all the possible ways to kill their parents’ murderer.

The forthcoming season of CAT, season 2, may open more suspense related to the Gurman’s life and his parents, including the reason behind their parents’ murder, who was the murderer, etc. But these all are over-guesses. The makers are yet to announce the storyline of the CAT Season 2. 

CAT Season 2 Release Date:

As of now, we dont have any official confirmation from the maker’s side, nor even Netflix has yet to announce the release date. Fans, you must wait a few months to know about the CAT season 2 release date. Until then, you can rewatch the series and try to guess the upcoming plot of CAT Season 2. 

Where to Watch CAT Season 2?

All the CAT series fans, especially Randeep Hooda’s fans, can watch the entire season 1 of the CAT Series only on Netflix.

CAT Season 2 Latest Updates (2023):

CAT is one of the best Indian Punjabi thriller series, which gets a lot of love, and fame from its fans. Especially the lead character role, played by Randeep Hooda, still has a particular space in their fan’s hearts. And after releasing Season 1, the audiences eagerly await the release date of CAT Season 2.

Here are a few updates regarding CAT season 2; first is about its expected release date; as per the maker’s hint, we can assume that the series season 2 will be released by 2024.

Other than this, the cast members, such as Hasleen Kaur, Randeep Hooda, Survinder Vicky, Danish Sood, Abhishant Rana, Kavya Thapar, Geeta Agrawal Sharma, etc., are the confirmed list of the cast member who will be a part of CAT season 2. 


Is CAT Netflix worth watching?

Yes, of course. CAT series is the best mixture of suspense and thriller series. And also the best content to come out on the Netflix OTT Platform.

Is CAT Netflix real or fake?

In an interview with the filmmakers, they shared that they want to make a series based on real-life aspirations, but somehow, the CAT is a pure fiction work story shooted in Punjab.

Where is CAT filmed in India?

CAT Season 1 was shooted in Punjab, taking over 80 locations across the Punjab location. 

CAT Season 2 Trailer:

So, all the viewers, keep patient; we are trying to update you with the official information constantly. But we need information regarding the trailer release date of CAT Season 2. But we will surely update you as and when we know about its trailer release date.

Until that, you can watch the trailer of its CAT Season 1, given above. 

Final Words:

CAT is one of the Indian Punjabi thriller series created by Jimmy Singh, Balwinder Singh Janjua, Anil Rodhan, and Rupinder Chahal. The series has shown the perfect combination of a Cop and a normal human being who is now eagerly waiting to take revenge on the cop for his parents’ death. 

Moreover, the CAT season 1 achieved much praise from its fan’s side, mainly for the content, because the overall scope of the CAT Season 1 was much different than that of the other series.

Now, fans are eagerly waiting to watch the forthcoming season of CAT, Season 2, which is yet to release. For further information, stay connected to our website, where you get all the latest news regarding every upcoming series.