Black Monday Season 4 Release date , cast and plot

Black Monday Season 4

Black Monday premiered in 2019 and got an Emmy nomination too for its extraordinary sequel scenes. The recent show was aired on 2021 May.

When the pilot episode was aired and started off by indicating the stock market collision, it rapidly backs up to a year before, where the tale truly begins, leading up to the reveal of which is the main reason behind Black Monday.

Back in 1980 the sequel completely adopts the location, along with its manner, technology, and that time period informal behavior on problems like dopes, sexual abuse, blackmail, and others too.

With strong articles and an incredibly talented cast, Black Monday has evolved into special humor over the years, and enthusiasts of the sequel wish to see more episodes shortly with the fourth season.

Release of Season 4

Showtime has not declared openly whether  Black Monday has been restored or discontinued attending Season 3. The show has steadily gone down in ratings over the years. with Season 3 varying between the related or less than Season 2 marks within the objective over the course of the season 10 episodes.

Season 3 premiere date of May 23, 2021, founded on the timelines of the prior seasons.

The cast of Black Monday

  • Cheadle
  • Andrew Rannells
  • Regina Hall
  • Paul Scheer
  • Casey Wilson
  • Tiffany Georgia
  • Ken Marino
  • Sam Asghari
  • Thomas Barbusca
  • Yassir

Plot of Season

Season 3 of Black Monday ends on quite the ending with numerous dead bodies, big secrets, and pistols streaking. Mo and the battalion are being chased by a serial murderer, and so they put on imitation nuptials to attract the murderer out.


The season is elevated to cocaine and other narcotics, but this seems to empty the character souls up, as Mo and Dawn’s mythical wedding oversees the pair to acknowledge their substantial emotional beliefs for each other.