‘Big Shot’ Season 2 gets the green flag from Disney+ to air in 2022

‘Big Shot’ Season 2 gets the green flag from Disney+ to air in 2022

Big Shot is a basketball-themed series about a hot-headed coach who gets fired from his job after throwing a chair at the match’s referee. He is then left with no other alternative but to take up a job at a preppy all-girls private high school.

He is all set to return for another round of the season in 2022, Disney+ has confirmed via their Twitter handle.

It is a series that should have gotten more validation than it initially received. The show stars John Philip Stamos of ABC’s Full House fame as the main protagonist, who gets a chance to redeem himself.

He accepts this chance by coaching a girls’ team from an elite school after getting ousted from the NCAA. It is not only a story of the bond that starts to develop between them because of basketball.

It also weaves the tale of the emotional development of the coach and the girls on the team.

On the one hand, Coach Korn learns that the girls need somebody who understands them, on and off the court. Finding empathy for them, he finds himself on a journey of self-discovery.

He starts liking the person he has become; on the other hand, the girls slowly start making basketball more critical in their lives and minds.

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Big Shot Season 2 Confirmation by Disney:

In the first season, which ended with ten episodes in June 2021, fans started to speculate that the series was canceled because there wasn’t any news of renewing it for the second season.

Stamos, when asked about the same, replied that he had a good feeling about the series coming back for another season and was right! Disney in September gave a sure-shot answer that the series was indeed returning!

When will Big Shot Season 2 be released?

The production house has not removed the curtain of haziness as far as the release date is concerned. But what we do know is that production will not start until the end of this year, so it is likely that the show will air in 2023. For now, you can watch its teaser on YouTube.

Where can I watch the Big Shot Season 2?

The second season will be exclusively available on the Disney+ streaming platform, where at this point, you can watch all the ten episodes of season 1.