Bell Bottom: Akshay Kumar On OTT platform/ Release Date

Bell Bottom: Akshay Kumar On OTT platform/ Release Date

The bell-bottom is a spy thriller movie by Akshay Kumar and pooja entertainment. The pooja entertainment has maker this movie for the entertainment of the public and fans.

Pooja entertainment has taken the story of a spy and make the story thriller in nature. The public is eagerly waiting for the Akshay Kumar upcoming movie.

Bell Bottom Release Date

However, due to the corona pandemic, the frequency of movie releases is very low as the shooting of the many films is pending due to the lockdown situation in the country.

In the recent scenario, India is facing the problem of pandemics. Every day the new cases of corona are increasing.

People are dying due to a lack of oxygen in the country. The government has banned all cinemas and theaters from releasing movies.

Many reports and other news-related reports about the movie are released on Bell Bottom. The people are waiting for the spy thriller movie.

Bell Bottom: Akshay Kumar’s First OTT Release

In the film, the Bollywood star Akki is performing in the movie. However, the actor Akki is known for his great and real role in the movie is going to debut in the spy thriller movie.

The lead role in the movie is performed by Akshay Kumar. However, in the recent era, it is difficult to release the movie in the theatre. The director of the movie has already announced the release date of the movie.

The released date of the movie is 2nd April 2021. As In the whole April, India is having the second wave of covid. The situation is not under our hands. the people are dying, and infarctions spread through the air.

The co-producer Nikhil Advani has announced that the movie will release on the OTT platform. Fans of the Akshay Kumar and pooja entertainment is going to be very happy to know about the OTT release of the movie.

However, the co-producer has not announced the date of the movie or the name of the OTT platform on which the movie is going to be released.

After the pandemic, the Bollywood industry is going to change its way. All the movies will be released on the OTT platform so that people can watch this movie in their homes only.

They should not go out to watch the movie. All the producers, co-producers, and directors of the movie are thinking about releasing their movie on the OTT platform.

When the first wave of corona pandemic is lower, then the producer of the movie named bell bottom has announced the date 28 May 2021 for the release of the movie.

But due to the recent condition of the nation, the director has postponed the release date of the movie and thinking about releasing the movie on the OTT platform rather than in cinema.