Ante Sundaraniki: Release Date on OTT ZEE

Ante Sundaraniki: Release Date on OTT ZEE

Ante Sundaraniki is an upcoming movie in the Tamil language. It is a south Indian movie that is directed by the south director and producer, and co-producers.

The movie is going to release on the OTT platform. All the directors of the movie and the producers of the movie are right now following the trading to release their movie on the OTT platform.

Ante Sundaraniki on OTT ZEE

However, the government has banned all the cinemas and theaters of the nation. So all the movie makers have only one option to release their movie on the OTT platform.

People also have to subscribe to the OTT platform to watch the movie. However, people can do the subscription on their home only. Due to the second wave of the pandemic, the situation in India is not good.

The medical system is destroyed by the people. The government is failing in feeding the people of the nation. There are many problems in the nation to fight with the covid pandemic.

Ante Sundaraniki: When To Release?

The main lead actor in the movie is Nani. This movie is Nani’s 28th movie in the Indian cinema. In this article, we will give you information about the release date, OTT platform.

If you want to know about the release date of the movie and their OTT platform release, then you have to read this article. Vivek Athreya is the main director of the movie.

However, in the movie, the producer and the co-producer also. Naveen is the producer of the movie.

They all are making this movie and put some interesting stories in the movie. The movie gives its digital right to the ZEE groups. The ZEE group takes the total digital and releasing rights of the movie.

Now, the fans and the audience can watch this movie on the ZEE group. According to the reports of many media and other rumors, the makers are planning to release the movie in the year 2022.

So the fans have to wait for almost one year to release the movie. The ZEE group has taken all the rights from the makers of the movie named Ante Sundraniki.

The ZEE Tv original will publish the digital, audio, and video rights of the movie, and they also have the rights to release the movie on their OTT platform.

However, if we talk about the releasing date of the movie, then we have said earlier that the people and fans of the south Indian movie can see the movie after almost 1 year, that is, in 2022.