A Foot in the Door: 5 Essential Elements of the Perfect Quote for Business

A Foot in the Door: 5 Essential Elements of the Perfect Quote for Business

If you want the work, you need the perfect quote. There’s a lot of competition in the business world, so make your quote the best possible. We’ll explain how!

Your new business is starting to attract interest from seriously valuable clients-—congratulations!

However, in a competitive market, how do you make sure a client chooses your company over another?

The secret is in the perfect quote. If you can create impressive quotes, it’s easy for a client to trust your business and move forward.

Read on to learn the top five elements of a good business quote, and how you can use these tips to your advantage.

  1. Company Details

A good quote should always contain your company details, including name, address, contact details, a contact person name, and any identification numbers for the business.

Your potential client is likely going to be receiving quotes from multiple companies, so you want to make sure yours is easily recognized as coming from your business.

This looks professional as well and helps to make a good first impression.

  1. Your Customer’s Details

You can impress a potential client by letting them know you’ve taken the time to prepare this quotation specifically for them. This shows that you value them as potential customers and that you’re not just sending them the same generic quote to everyone.

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Add their unique details as you do for your own business, including their business name and contact details. Also, add the name of the person you’ve been working with as the contact reference.

Here are some great quotation examples to get you started.

  1. Expiration Date

Adding an expiration date to your written quotes is one of the best ways to create a sense of urgency.

An expiration date lets clients know the special price is only available for a limited time and is subject to change after that date. Hopefully, this will act as a motivator to book your services as soon as possible, before the price increases.

The date can be dependent on your preference, but a window of 30 days is a good starting point.

  1. A Full Breakdown of Price

The quote should include all of the details of how you worked out the price, not just the final number.

Clients want honesty and transparency on quotes, so include a line-item breakdown for each component of the quote.

This could include tax, optional add-ons, labor cost per hour, or an additional fee for an expedited job. If any discounts are included, make those clear as well.

  1. Detailed Description of Services Offered

Your quote should clearly describe exactly what is included in the quote. Otherwise, it opens the door for confusion down the track if clients think certain services are included, but aren’t.

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Explain clearly, or bullet point, each task that will be included in the job. This way the client can easily understand what they will be getting for their price.

Create the Perfect Quote Today

A perfect quote is one that is clear, thorough, and personalized to each client. By taking the time to learn how to make quotes properly, you can attract new clients and quickly start growing your business.

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