3 Signs That You’re a Gamer

Gaming has become a largely accepted form of recreation. It is everywhere right now, from YouTube to the news, movies, and everything else in between. Lots of people see themselves as gamers while even more play games regularly without considering themselves part of this category. This raises a question, what does it actually mean to be a gamer?

We’re going to break down all of the misconceptions in this article. If you check the boxes on the things mentioned below, you’re probably a gamer.

Popular Types of Gamers

First, we need to identify the two general types of gamers. There’s the first category of people that use powerful computers and consoles to play games. They may or may not engage in professional competitions but they are surely up to date with the latest news and technologies.

There’s also the type of gamers that may only own a smartphone. Mobile phones are becoming a great platform for gaming thanks to the incredible advancements in terms of software and hardware. This makes a compelling case for using a phone for gaming especially when you’re not at home. Fun games like the casino ones don’t even require that powerful phones, representing a great option for gamblers.

Casino games use some pretty basic mechanics in the backend but that’s just what makes them such fun. An online casino can present gamblers with many opportunities to try different games and explore what they like. Everything, from slots to card and table games can be found within such an app.

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This type of casual gaming is attracting even the elderly, with games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds being at the top of their list of favorites. Now that we settled this, let’s identify the signs that make you a gamer.

You’re Constantly Thinking About the Game

Games have their own challenges and “bosses” that need to be conquered. If you’re on a quest to finish a game without any outside help, then you might have to spend a few hours strategizing. If you are a gamer, and you really like what you’re playing, you might find yourself constantly thinking about that game.

You will most certainly catch yourself thinking strategy when outside and maybe even dreaming about it.

You Can’t Wait to Play

If you get excited thinking about video games and you really enjoy talking to people about them, you can pretty much call yourself a gamer. The things you think and talk about the most, are the things that you enjoy the most. So, if gaming makes up a big portion of your thoughts and interests, you can call yourself a gamer regardless if you have a powerful PC or just a smartphone.

You Like Binge Playing

Binge playing games for many hours can be considered a skill on its own. It requires a lot of dedication, focus, and a system in place to be successful. Playing hours of video games it’s difficult. But, the more you play, the better you get at it, as with any actual skill.

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If you like binge playing, then you’ve got to like that game a lot, which makes you a gamer by default.