The Way Twilight Fans Really Wanted the Series to End

The Way Twilight Fans Really Wanted the Series to End

When it comes to cinemas, they should have a flow and an ending that satisfies their audiences. No matter how video developers wish to leave their fans with suspense, they should not compromise a movie’s climax and storyline.

One example of a series that started well but lost taste towards its ending is Twilight Saga. Twilight saga had been a household name since its release in 2008. The series mastery in romance, drama, action and fiction made it a much sought-after video.

The Twilight saga involves a love story by characters like Edward and Bella.  Edward was a hundred-year-old vampire, and Bella was a teenage human. Despite vampires’ taste for human blood, Edward was thrilled by Bella’s beauty, and he started loving her.

Another main character was Jacob Black, who was a werewolf. Jacob also loved Bella and fought numerous times with Edward for her. But at last, they became friends, and Edward married Bella. 

The movie also has entertaining battles as Edward protects Bella from blood-thirsty vampires like Victoria.

Behind the scenes, Stephanie Meyer and Melisa Rosenberg were the architects of the movie. Most significantly, Stephanie Meyer wrote the Twilight Book series (2005), which gave the series its plot.

If you want to watch the series, it will help to learn the correct order to watch Twilight movies. The film has five sequels. The first is Twilight, the second is New Moon, the third Eclipse, the fourth is Breaking Dawn Part 1, and the final movie is Breaking Dawn part 2.

So, if Twilight Saga sounded that thrilling, what was wrong with its ending, and how would fans have wanted it ended

If you wonder that, the following subsection will have clues on how the series should have ended.

How Should Have Twilight Ended

  • There should be an epic battle.

From the start of the series and to the end, Twilight shows the enmity between werewolves and vampires. Anyone watching the movie would have been prepared for a bloodshed battle between these rival groups. But sorry! The fight never happened.

That is because some werewolves collaborated with good vampires and outnumbered the evil vampires.

  • The humans ought to have been familiar with vampires and werewolves

It’s only at the story’s ending, where humans know that werewolves and vampires live among them. The Twilight Saga should have brought a history of violence and hate between humans and vampires. That would have staged an interesting fairytale love of Bella and Edward where everyone, including their clans, is opposed.

  • Not all vampires should sparkle.

Typically, vampire are evil and violent. If someone sparkles, it means they are peaceful and kind, like fairies. 

According to Twilight, all vampires sparkles. Hence, you would guess they were kind, but how about the Volturi’s vampires? Volturi vampires are evil and killers. Hence they should be given another trait rather than sparkling. 

  • Jacob should have married Bella.

One mistake the Twilight’s developer made was to make Jacob a lovable character even more than Edward. People would love Jacob to marry Bella because he was ever-caring and calm. In contrast, Edward was hot-tempered and even kidnapped Bella to prevent her from seeing Jacob. 

  • There should be no peace between Jacob and Edward.

Realistically, if you love someone, you will fight for them and loathe the person you lover adores. That is the same case with Jacob and Edward who had bitter blood against each other.

Most audiences would have expected their rivalry to continue but they soon made up.  If the rivalry between Jacob and Edward would have extended, there could be an epic battle involving their clans, vampire and werewolves.

  • .Jasper Hale should have survived.

Have you ever loved a movie character and wished them to survive to the end. In the Twilight saga, it was heartbreaking to lose Jasper Hale in a vicious beheading way. 

Losing Jasper Hale made some people feel that the series was incomplete. They would have wanted a happy ending between Jasper and Alice Cullen his fiancé.

  • Jessica ought to have married Mike.

It was sad not to see Jessica marrying Mike. Jessica was crazy in love with Mike from the start, but Mike only had eyes on Bella. That made Jessica jealous of Bella.

Since Bella was only interested in Edward, the movies should have tied Jessica and Mike together.

  • Bella’s mother should be available often in the film

Since Bella was conflicted in love, her mother should be there for her often to give her support. However, you will rarely see Bella’s mother in the movie except at the wedding and when Bella decides to become a vampire. 

Even when Bella was delivering and had a complication, her mother ought to be there for her.

  • Jacob should not have ended up with Renesmee.

Sorry to Jacob’s fans because losing Bella to Edward was hard to take. The writer should have introduced another beautiful, mature lady with Bella’s traits to marry Jacob. But having Bella’s child as Jacob’s partner was untimely and sorrowful.

Bottom line

Twilight’s ending was judged on people’s opinions. There could be somebody who saw it wonderful. Therefore, if you have not watched the series, don’t hesitate to find it. After seeing the program, you will be in a position to judge its ending.