The Most Fun Online Slot Games of 2022

When it comes to casino games, there’s a perfect game for just about everyone. There are some gamblers who prefer games like poker that require a lot of strategy and analysis like poker. There are also others who like the excitement and thrill of baccarat. However, there are also a vast number of people who prefer the simplicity and convenience of a standard slot game. Slots have always been the most popular casino games for the longest time now. People who get into gambling for the first time typically start with slots because of how easy they are to play. And this applies to gambling in real life and online.

Some of the best sites to play online slots in 2022 will depict a wide collection of different titles from various developers. That’s because these software licensing companies understand that there is a huge demand for slots in the global market. That’s why, even though there are already so many slot games to choose from, these companies are still coming out with new and fresh titles all the time. With that, it can get very confusing and overwhelming for the customer to choose which slot game is best for them.

Book of Dead

One of the most popular games in history is the Book of Ra game that was produced by Novomatic. Book of Dead carries a lot of the same elements that made the Book of Ra game so successful to pair with improved graphics and animations that offer a more immersive gaming experience. It might even be one of the best Egyptian-themed slot games on the market today.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest doesn’t necessarily have the highest RTP on the market with just 95.97%. However, the game still manages to keep a solid following because of its various gimmicks and features. The Free Falls feature, in particular, is a big hit among the game’s patrons. The game is also beautifully designed and can be played on all devices from large computers to mobile phones.


Bonanza is one of the most immersive and experiential slot games in the world because of how fun, exciting, and complex it is. The game features cascading reels with a bevy of multipliers and a Megaways function that completely changes the dynamic of the game. It has incredible graphics and exciting audio to pair with it.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is known to have one of the best progressive jackpots in the online slots world. It also has an incredibly generous bonus round that certainly keeps gamers glued to their screens. The game was developed by one of the industry giants Microgaming and it happens to be one of the most successful titles on their lineup. It only has an RTP of 88.12%, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of players who return to this game consistently. 

Wolf God

Wolf God has a relatively average RTP of just 96.01%, but it’s still an incredibly exciting game to play. It was originally developed by Pragmatic Play, the company that was also responsible for The Dog House, Heat, and Gold. But Wolf God still remains to be their most popular title. It’s a fantastically designed game that’s sure to keep players excited and engaged at all times throughout the gaming experience. 


As far as classic slot games though, it’s hard to compete against Starburst. It was originally released by NetEnt back in 2013 and it has an average RTP of 96.1%. Despite the fact that it’s a relatively older game, it’s still one that fans go back to over and over again. It features five reels and three rows with ten paylines. It has a relatively simple, albeit colorful design, that appeals to a certain group of slots players. 

Final Words

At the end of the day, a person will choose a specific slot game for their own personal reasons. Some people like slot games that have incredibly colorful and vibrant designs while others will be drawn to other factors such as RTPs and progressive jackpots. Fortunately, there are so many different slot games for people to choose from. It’s just a matter of trying one game after another and seeing which one would be the best fit.