The Best Family Games for Android

Playing on a smartphone or tablet is fun, but most games on Google Play can only be played alone. But stop! For Android tablets, in particular, there are a large number of games that are only really fun in a group. We have selected some of our favorites for the whole family and will present them here.

Quisr Pro

Game shows are ubiquitous on TV. But such orgies of guessing not only captivate viewers on TV – they are also a hit in English beer bars. The fun of guessing even goes so far that the English Guinness brewery manages its own trivia book called Guinness World Records. Quisr Pro brings the concept of quiz shows to your own smartphone or tablet. You can play alone against the computer or over the internet. But it’s only really fun when you use the local multiplayer mode. It’s very simple: the program will display a question. Then it shows a possible answer. If you think they are correct, you have to tap your button. The first to reach a certain number of points wins.

It is particularly pleasing that the questions are asked as part of the game. The app includes in-game purchases beyond the initial download, which can be done using bank cards or e-wallets exactly the same as paying in an online casino or الدفع في الكازينو اون لاين. Since Quisr displays the answers after each run, you also improve your general knowledge while playing. The technical implementation of Quisr Pro is excellent. Both the sound effects and the graphic design are contemporary and fun. If you like solving puzzles in a group, thanks to Quisr you no longer have to go to the nearest pub, but can start solving puzzles in your own four walls with up to three friends.

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4 Player Reactor

The name “4 player reactor” is reminiscent of Fukushima at first glance. However, this is just a translation error. In this game, the reactions of up to four people are put through their paces.

The procedure is simple: Figures or arithmetic tasks appear in the middle of the screen. Each player has their own area that they must touch when completing the task. Whoever is fastest after a few rounds wins. Incidentally, there are penalty points for incorrect entries to prevent stupid hammering.

“4 Player Reactor” contains a variety of fun tasks. In one round, you look for a red circle, while in another round you have to acknowledge the appearance of an animal pictogram.

Man, Don’t Fret

Anyone who grew up in Europe is almost a hundred percent familiar with the board game “Man, Don’t Fret”. For this reason, it is very easy for most users to get started, which makes fast games much easier.

The virtual implementation of the board game can be played by one to four people. If you don’t get the board full, you can either play in pairs or use the AI. What is annoying is that you have to shake the phone to roll the dice. In the long run, the screen break is almost inevitable. The background music gets annoying after just a few minutes. Unfortunately, the actually nice game is technically and graphically designed very carelessly, and even in the full version, it constantly shows advertisements for other products from the same company.

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At first glance, the settlers of Catan are reminiscent of “Anno 1602”: A troop of settlers lands on an island and is hungry. In order to satisfy this elementary need, you have to colonize the island you have just conquered – which brings us to the game.

The game concept was not really changed during the porting to Android. The computer support is limited to animating the playing fields, determining dice values and contributing artificial intelligence if necessary. If you want (and are willing to invest additional money), you can also play a campaign consisting of several missions. An included tutorial should make it easier to get started. Nevertheless, the digital version of the settlers of Catan suffers from the game’s fairly high complexity. If you play a lot of Catan at home, you can now do it on the go – but this game is not very suitable for a quick game with friends.


Carcassonne is a board game implementation that uses the Android smartphone to display maps and check rules. In Carcassonne, you build a landscape from given elements. These come from a deck of cards and – similar to dominoes – must be placed appropriately on the playing field. You can also place up to seven followers to “occupy” the terrain. The whole thing becomes interesting because the landscapes depicted on the cards can be assembled into structures. For example, if I place a district and followers on the field and a colleague completes it, I get victory points and also get the followers back. When all terrain cards have been used up, who built how many structures and earned how many victory points is counted.

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Due to the simple and easy-to-learn game mechanics and the well-done tutorial, you can start playing Carcassonne very quickly. So it makes perfect sense to play the game on the go as a nice pastime with friends.

Uniwar HD

Anyone who thinks of turn-based multiplayer games as an experienced gamer will certainly have the names Civilization and Worms in mind. Unfortunately, the two haven’t been properly ported to Android yet, and the Worms clones popular under PalmOS don’t seem to have survived the leap either.

UniWar is a simpler Civilization clone that’s quick to play and easy to learn due to the smaller game maps. Round after round you build units, move them across the hexagonal playing field and heat up your opponent. Three races, each with ten units, enable complex strategies that can turn seemingly hopeless situations into advantages. For example, there are helicopters that can turn off one or the other unit completely without resistance.

It will certainly take a few minutes to understand the concept and operation of UniWar. After that, the game is fun for hours due to the diverse tactical possibilities – if you like Civilization, you will love UniWar HD!