Signs That Review for a Writing Service is Real

Signs That Review for a Writing Service is Real

If you want someone to do your assignment or post “do my essay” requests online, help services like Studybay or Grammarly or coursehero are here for you. To decide amongst them, you must first read what other customers have said about them.

There is no absolute way to prove whether reviews of a writing service are real or not. However, you can use different signs and check whether the numbers seem reasonable.  

Is the number of reviews high enough?

First of all, check the number of reviews.

If it is more than 30, it is a good sign.

The high number of reviews shows that the company has been in business for a while and can deliver what it promises.

On the other hand, a small number can mean several things:

  • The company is new and hasn’t had time to build a large customer base or accumulate reviews.
  • They may also be fake or biased (maybe the company’s owner wrote them).

Check review consistency over time

If the reviews are spread out or you see a big gap in time between reviews, that’s a bad sign.

Generally, if reviews are consistent, that shows that the writers are happy with the company and customers are happy with the work that was done for them.

Check the text of the reviews

It is possible to fake the number of stars, but it is harder to fake content. Some words and phrases that come up a lot when the reviewers are genuine are:

thanks, great, excellent, fantastic, fantastic service, best writing service, excellent customer service, great experience, thank you.

If some reviews include these words, it is a good sign.

See how reviews are composed?

When you go through various reviews, you can see whether they are real or not. Not super easy, but possible.

Real reviews are not too positive or too negative. They are balanced. They also contain divergent opinions, i.e., not all about the same thing. Negative reviews also contain an explanation of why the service was not good.

  • You will also notice some balance in tone: formal and informal, quizzical, reflective, etc.
  • The language they use seems natural
  • There are enough details to form a coherent picture
  • They lack superlatives and repetitive words

You can also look for drop-offs in the text. Normally, people put some subconscious emphasis on the most important aspects of a product. These are the major points that writers should write down and include in the review.

Check customer service provided

Customer service is another sign that reviews are real.

Good writing services want to make sure that customers are satisfied with their work. Therefore, they provide good support. You can see this in the reviews. Top writing services have phones, so customers can communicate with them directly through the platform. They also respond quickly to messages.

Writers also tend to communicate with customers after reviewing to make sure that they understood the requirements and included the right information.

Is there variation in review tone and language use? 

To verify the authenticity of an online review, pay attention to the review’s tone and phrasing. If all of the reviews use the same language and have the same tone, it is likely that they are not genuine. Another way to check for genuineness is to see if the reviewer has any other reviews. If the reviewer only has one review, it is more likely that it is not genuine.

Does the reviewer show some emotion when writing their review?

A good way to tell if a review is real is to see if the reviewer shows any emotion. If the reviewer seems to be genuinely excited or happy about the product, it’s likely that the review is real. However, if the reviewer seems uninterested or bored, it’s possible that the review is fake.

Check reviewer profile

Is the reviewer an anonymous visitor or do they have a profile?

If they have a profile, can you find their website, or could they be found on Reddit or another social media?

Track the reviews’ authenticity by checking their language use and whether they make any mistakes (grammar or spelling).

Look for drop-offs in reviews over time

Did the company get a lot of new reviews in the beginning and now reviews are dropping off?

That can mean a few things:

  • The company is not faking reviews, but customers are slowly finishing their work and not leaving a review. (This is a good sign)
  • The company is faking reviews and adding fixed expiration dates to make them look old. (This is a bad sign)
  • The company is buying fake internet reviewer profiles and forcing them to leave positive feedback for their business. (This is a very bad sign)

Signs that review for a writing service is fake

If there are just 5-star comments and they sound too ‘superlative’ and are written in ‘CAPITALS,’ it may be suspect. If the terms ‘wonderful,’ ‘life-saver,’ or ‘greatest service ever’ make you feel like you’re smelling a rat, you’re not alone. 

Furthermore, such reviews typically lack sufficient description and are just concerned with appreciating the service. Here’s an example of such a review: ‘The best service I’ve ever had!’ AWESOME WRITER! I got an A+, and you guys saved my life!’ !!!YAY!! It’s easy to spot a fake review when they’re too positive and lack detail. 

Check for reviews that are willing to identify at least one negative aspect of the writing service as well as provide constructive feedback about how the service could improve. It is also helpful if they give you specifics about what they like and/or don’t like about the writing service. It shows that they’ve actually used the service and are not just making up positive comments.

It is not uncommon to find negative reviews of writing services online. While some of these may be real, many are fake. This is because there are a lot of companies that offer writing services, and many of them are not very good. So, they will write a negative review in an attempt to damage the reputation of the company.

How to avoid getting scammed when hiring an online reviewing service

As a hopeful small business owner looking to submit your business to the top search engines and review sites, you want to make sure you don’t get scammed.

And it is possible to do that.

Just remember to look for signs of authenticity and, if in doubt, ask the company questions about how the review process works.

Never accept a one-time service without checking if the reviews are real and lasting.

Here are some authentic reviews from real clients of different writing services:

Review #1 – Flying Colours Writing Service

“We needed a review of our business website and SEO work. After researching several reviewers, Flying Colours Writing Service seemed to have the experience and knowledge we were looking for. They provided a clear list of expectations, and a timeline for the review. Their turnaround time was very quick—they must have been working around the clock! Their work was excellent: they gave us helpful advice on how to improve our website, and their positive SEO review helped our SEO ranking soar. Their rates were fair and reasonable given the high quality of their work. We’ll definitely use their writing service again!”

Review #2 – Studybay

“I needed to proofread my essay before submission to my university. I went to Studybay and paid for 3 hours of proofreading. The editor who took on my work was very thorough and sent me several drafts before finally submitting the final paper. The writing service gave me peace of mind since I knew that if I didn’t pass my essay, it was mostly my fault and not the editor’s. I would definitely recommend this writing service to students everywhere!”

Review #3 – Top Reviews Plus

“Our business needed some updated reviews to boost our SEO ranking. A friend recommended Top Reviews Plus. They provided us with a simple form to fill out, and within a few days we received notices that our reviews were posted. They seemed really easy to fake, but we guess that’s not exactly what you want. We would recommend this writing service as a one-time service to add temporary reviews to your business profile but not as an ongoing service for truly authentic reviews.”