Real-Life Casino Heists that Look Like a Movie

Humans have been captivated by heists for a long time – there’s something appealing about stealing millions from a casino by using a slew of high-tech and even brute-force methods. And we know that if people are enthralled sufficiently by the concept of something, they will surely want to replicate it in the actual world.

There have been several attacks against casino businesses because of their nature. Some individuals believe that casinos have harmed them, while others believe that they are secretly storing an enormous sum of money in a safe deposit box. A casino is an obvious target for a heist. It’s just a matter of time until a hungry criminal takes a crack at it when there’s a lot of money in one spot. Of course, it’s a lousy notion that almost everyone who does it fails miserably.

Usually, those gamblers who prefer playing at online casinos are paying with Bitcoin, as it is quite secure and allows punters to protect their funds, thanks to blockchain technology. As the demand for Bitcoin casinos increases, the number of such casinos expands as well. In order to find the most proper and suitable online casinos, customers should visit the Bitcoin Casinos Reviews website, where they can get more information about how the casino works, its offers, promotions, types of games, and so forth.  Here are some of the most well-known casino heists in history, known for their scope, simplicity, and boldness. Some of these ideas may be the basis for the next big casino heist movie. So without further ado, in this article, we’ll provide you with information on which are the most well-known real-life casino heists that look like a movie. 

Circus Circus

Many casino heists are carried out by employees, and although most casinos can depend on their employees to be honest, there are always a few that opt to take a higher payday. One such employee was Heather Tallchief. Her duties included operating armored cars to transport casino winnings to a nearby bank. When her shift was over in 1993, she chose to take her vehicle and its contents, which were worth an estimated $3 million, with her. To avoid detection, she fled the nation with Roberto Solis, her longtime lover. In 2005, she made a dramatic change in her life. Yes, she did return. She went to the cops and shouted, “Arrest me,” while holding her wrist out in front of them. She couldn’t endure the weight of her crime’s shame any longer.

While she is serving a 5-year, 3-month term in jail, her lover, Roberto, is still on the loose, reports the AP. At least until the guilt became unbearable, this would have been a classic victory for the thief in an inside job.

Crown Casino

Crown Casino heist is another one of the most well-known heists in the history of casinos. An employee of Crown Casino in Perth, Australia attempted to steal more than $32 million from the establishment in 2013. One of the protagonists is a card dealer who is fed up with his profession, while the other is a high roller from another nation who is on business in town. The couple intended to collect the winnings and shift the money as if it had been lost in normal play, thinking that the casino would not notice. Because of their greed, the casino’s floor crew began looking into the odds of the foreign player winning. The heist was detected in progress when the floor crew examined a couple of the high-paying hands.

The staff member was certainly fired after a series of high-paying hands were spotted by the pair. When most of the money in the casino was not moved out of the casino, the player was permitted to return to his native country without legal repercussions.

Unlike many of the world’s greatest heists, this one was an inside operation at the Crown Casino. One of the security operators was able to see above the high-roller tables because of his position. With the knowledge at his disposal, he shared his winnings with a fellow player at the table, who played and bet as a result of his advice.

Soboba Casino

It is worth highlighting that Ocean’s 11 has inspired a number of heists, but one thief in a botched casino robbery publicly said that the film was the motivation for his own heist. Ronaldo At the Soboba Casino in Las Vegas, Luda Ramos was an employee who installed security cameras and other equipment. One of the best people to pull off an inside job is probably none other than this guy. On an annual basis, banks and casinos train for robberies like those committed by Eric and Luda. Eric and Luda were able to leave the casino without injuring any of the casino’s employees because of the training they had received. After a brief high-speed pursuit into the desert, the police were able to catch the thieves thanks to a heads-up from casino security.