Powerful Pitch Deck Design Principles

Powerful Pitch Deck Design Principles

As an entrepreneur, you probably know: your company or idea needs financing. Often, funding will come from outside sources – from people who are not friends or family members. Now, you have a challenging task to flow your ideas into a catching presentation to interest potential investors so they will want to help you with financing.

In other words, you need a pitch deck presentation and a good pitch deck design agency like Waveup that will help you organize everything step by step.

What Is a Pitch Deck Presentation?

A pitch deck is a concise, comprehensive presentation about the project made to attract an investor or partner. A pitch deck is one of the methods of communication that can be used in any situation if you need to convey an idea or an offer, convince, interest, explain and, of course, attract investments and find partners.

You can make such a presentation with the help of a standard program, for example, PowerPoint, or entrust this task to pitch deck design services that will help you create something truly extraordinary.

Basic Pitch Deck Principles

The pitch deck presentation MUST BE:

  • Clear: a potential investor or partner understands from the pitch deck what the essence of your project is and what exactly you offer.
  • Tell a story, be consistent and logical: investors hear and see dozens of pitches daily. If you speak (and write in the pitch deck) interestingly and efficiently, this will set you apart from the crowd.
  • Cover the investor’s main questions to the startup so that in a few minutes, it is clear whether there is a fit between the investor and the project (whether the investor invests at your stage, in your industry, etc.).
  • Contain minimum textual information (no one likes to read a lot).
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What Do Pitch Deck Design Services Include in a Pitch Deck?

At first glance, it may seem that investors need as much information as possible. Of course, as a founder, every part of your business is essential. However, the best pitch decks are short and straightforward.

There are many different opinions about what exactly should be in a pitch deck. Experience shows that the pitch deck should include at most 19 slides.


This is your chance to make a great first impression, so try to take advantage of this opportunity. The introductory slide should be concise and visually appealing – tell people who you are and why you are here.


Any business idea should solve a real problem. You must identify a problem your target audience faces and see a gap for which a solution has yet to be. Create a slide describing two or three problems your product will solve, but wait to go into details. The text should be short and clear, so investors immediately understand your goals.

The Solution

Your task is to describe the solution to the problem clearly. Avoid pretentious statements in the spirit of “we are the only company on the market to cope with this problem.” Another good strategy is to offer several possible solutions to the problem, then go to the one you chose and explain why you chose it. This will show investors your dedication and research work.

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You are selling your product, so presenting its main advantages and competitiveness is best. If you are too busy to measure the strength and weaknesses of your product and compactly flow this information in a slide show, pitch deck design services are always ready to help.


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