Learning the Most Effective Casino Game Strategies: Four Tips

Whenever we watch people winning big at roulette or blackjack, aside from the slight twinge of envy, we often question how they do it. Is it based on luck, or is there more to it? Of course, there is; it’s called strategy. As with everything in life, serious gamblers approach gambling with a game plan.

Why you need a gambling strategy

It’s true that gambling is a game of chance, but it would be foolish to sit at a table with no plan. Some strategies are risky, and others are plain dumb and should not be attempted. Having a strategy does not guarantee you anything, but it gives you an opportunity for you to figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

There are quite several strategies players employ when approaching the card tables. Some of these strategies are available on casino sites and blog pages. Until a new casino guide with useful tips and tricks is compiled, we suggest you trawl the internet and see which strategies work for you at the tables. We examine a few strategies that professional gamblers swear by, and maybe you can add them to your guide.

Manage your Bankroll

This is less strategy and more common sense; set a limit of how much you will play with and stick to matter how long your winning streak has lasted. Some players come in with a $2000 and start placing random $10 and $20 bets, and this is not always wise as it’s faster to lose money this way. Try betting 2% of your bankroll, which means you can place bets worth $40 or lower this way, minimize your short-term risk, and apply this to any casino game.

It would help if you also bet smaller amounts when many players are at a table, and low card values have been dealt with; this way, you let the other players carry the most risk. Some players apply this strategy when there are few players and higher card values are dealt. It is crucial to betting small when you are a new player, as it will give you time to learn the game and pick up tips without losing too much money.

Play in Tournaments

This is a well-known strategy; you should play in a tournament at least once or twice. The first advantage is that the upfront fee is small in relation to the potential winnings. That is not just for the overall winner. The second and third-place players also receive substantial reward money. Tournaments are a smart way to extend your bankroll.

You can also plan how much you will wager well, making your gambling a predictable wager. And the experience for you as a player is invaluable.

Use Maths

Most people don’t like this, but it’s straightforward; it’s not university maths. There are two numbers to calculate, the return to player percentage and a house edge percentage. Both these numbers add up to 100%.

The plan is for you to look out for games with a higher return player percentage because the higher the RTP, the lower the house edge. So with a game like blackjack with a house edge of 3%, the RTP will be 97%.

You can take the same numbers and predict your losses. This calculation is; House edge x average wager size x number of wagers = expected loss amount. So if the house edge is 3% and your average wager size is $20, you play 50 hands every hour for 2 hours.

The calculation would look like this: 3% x $20 x100 = $60 ; meaning you can expect to lose around $60. Of course, it’s not an exact science, but you can at least decide if you want to continue playing or not. Numerous books and university papers are written about maths and using maths skills in gambling. If you really want to up your game, you could try those.

The Martingale Strategy

The martingale strategy is contentious among gamblers because you could end up wagering more money than you had intended. What we like about martingale is that it is easy, and theoretically, it could make you a profit.

The Martingale states that you should double your bet after every loss. The aim is to win back your losses and get a profit. It would help if you made even-money bets to keep the process simple. This strategy is one of the best if you are looking for short-term profits.

On the downside, it’s precarious as you may only start seeing a profit after five or six losing wagers, so you could run out of money before you hit a winning streak. Another issue is that casinos impose table limits, so you could run a losing streak and then hit the table limit before recovering your money.

In Conclusion

Remember, all strategies have advantages and disadvantages, so regardless  which one you choose, play smartly and play with the money you are willing to lose. Even if you are a serious player, try relaxing and having fun.