How Free Bets Work

What is a free bet? Free bets are giveaways that sportsbooks offer to users as a bonus for a specific amount of money. This is a way for them to encourage new and current users to use their book. The sportsbook is paying for the amount you wager on the bet. New users are not the only ones that can take advantage of free bets. Sportsbooks offer free bets to current users from time to time as well. You always want to take advantage of free bets and rewards. Signing up on as many sportsbooks as you can in your state will allow you to take advantage of all of these free bets that each sportsbook has to offer. This is a nice way to build yourself up a sports betting bankroll as well. You will see businesses like Buffalo Wild Wings offer weekly $25 free bets via BetMGM by scanning the QR Code. You are eligible to do this once a week, so this has become a very popular way for BetMGM users to capitalize on free bets. A great way to look at a free bet is you are basically risking no money to earn money as the bet is free.

How to get a free bet?

  • Make an account and sign up on the sportsbook and give them all the details they need.
  • Give a payment method and make a deposit into your account.
  • Use the amount of money recommended to place a bet and usually you will get that same amount in a free bet if it loses.

Always read the terms and conditions of this free bet. Sometimes you will not be able to use your bet on almost guaranteed winners. This is usually a play that is an almost certain winner.

Oftentimes free bets are not extremely large amounts of money. $10-$25 is often the amount that is offered for a free bet for a sportsbook. When using your free bets, you will want to take advantage of using it on plays that are +100 or above odds. This will allow you to make more money off your free bet as the amount you get is determined on the payout of the bet you place. Going with underdogs is often the best way to use a free bet.

You are not able to withdraw these free bets, but you can withdraw the money you profit off of the free bet if it wins. This is a great way for you to start increasing your sports betting bankroll by taking advantage of free bets.

Free Bet Conversion and Low Holds Betting tools are a great way to guarantee you turn your free bet into money. OddsJam has pages dedicated to both of these options, and it gives you the opportunity to bet on both sides of a play. You are able to enter the book that you have the free bet in and then sort it out by conversion percentage. This will allow you to find the most profitable bet that you can capitalize on turning that free bet into money. This is a safe way to ensure that you don’t lose the free bet on a play that you are unsure about and eliminates the chances of you losing that free bet. You are guaranteed to profit and turn that free bet into money this way.

Free Bets are a great way to take advantage of adding to your sports betting bankroll. Even the top bettors take advantage of free bets, so this is not something that only beginner sports bettors utilize. Free money is ALWAYS something sports bettors/gamblers are willing to take, especially when you can turn it into even more money!